Thursday, April 28, 2005

An exhibitionist in the gym shower last Sunday

I’m taking a shower after a gym class last Sunday and while the guy in the next door shower is drying himself, I notice that he’s got a semi-erection. Hmmm nice, I think, he didn’t have that when he arrived for his shower a few minutes ago. But strange too, because I’ve seen this guy on many occasions previously, and he’s never before had even the hint of an erection.

The guy with the semi-erection leaves and I move out into the passage in front of all the glass shower partitions to dry myself down. It’s then that I see him. In the end shower, which was next to guy who had the semi-erection, there’s a hunky black guy playing with himself. He’s standing with his back to the shower wall, facing the passage, looking straight ahead and slowly wanking himself off. He looks magnificent, very erotic. This must be the reason why the guy got his semi-erection because it’s very easy to see what’s going on through the frosted glass partition.

I feel myself starting to get an erection too. In my experience, this kind of blatant exhibitionism is quite rare. I want to stay and watch, maybe even lend a hand, but I would be too conspicuous. So I head back to get dressed. The black guy was clearly enjoying himself, I’m sure he’ll have a good time without me.


Jo Kristian said...

This is fascinating. I've never seen anyone masturbating in the showers like this. On the other hand, I quite often see semi-erections (and also have them myself - and enjoys people watching it...)

Anonymous said...

I think we share the same gym! At my gym there are certain cubicles with frosting rubbing off. On the basis that guys who like to look at cock and show cock are more likely to go to these, on some days the wank rate is about 50%. I have seen wonderful gym fresh cocks go from semi to full erections and we then both wank in unison. Exercise, warm water and a busy changing room all seem to do the trick. Fit men, straight, bi, or gay, like doing it with other men. It's positively the norm.