Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A discussion with J using txt msgs

Last Friday S told me that he was married (Fun with N in the gym sauna after an exercise class), so I had to ask J why he was so sure that S was gay. We had recently exchanged mobile phone numbers, so I send J a txt msg.

hi J, in the sauna this morning S told me that he is married! I thought u told me he was gay?

I get an answer quickly:

wot? not gay? yeah right …

But did J have any concrete evidence? I have to ask:

so have u had any ‘experiences’ with him (hope you don’t mind me asking)?

Later I get the reply:

no cos never fancied him. Is he straight then?

Who knows? It might even be that S hasn't even come out to himself yet. His wife might suspect, if they don't have a good sex life together, but we can't ask her! So I txt back:

I will ask him more when I see him next, he might be gay even if he has a wife!

But J reckons he has an easier solution:

Don’t need to ask, just get a hard-on and he’ll clear up the matter for you.

Thanks J, but it’s not really possible to do that with guys that one had become friendly with, is it.

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