Monday, April 04, 2005

New York trip 2004: Friday, final day

I wake up on Friday morning around 6:30am, snuggled up to D. I put one of my arms round him to cuddle him and he wakes up slightly too. We both know that I have to leave round 7:30am, but instead of having sex we just lie there cuddling. Eventually it’s 7:20am. “I’m going to have to go soon, you know”, I say, sounding sad.

“Yes I know”, says D, also sounding sad.

I make sure D has my e-mail address, and he gives me mine too. “I’ve really really enjoyed your company”, I say as I’m leaving, “you've turned a boring business trip into a very memorable one”.

By late afternoon I’m in the British Airways business lounge at JFK airport, thinking about D. The lounge has some Internet terminals so I decide to send him an email:

Hi D, thanks for making my visit to New York really special. Good luck with your photography and I hope you find yourself a nice boyfriend, you certainly deserve one. I will e-mail you if I come back to New York, all my love xxx

And by the time I get back to London there’s reply waiting for me from D:

thank you handsome!
you are very special... and lucky is your lover to have you by his side for all these years...
We will meet again even only as friends....
be good and always happy :):):)

I certainly hope to see D again on my next visit. I only met him 5 days ago and already I really care about what happens to him in the future. I hope he’ll have found himself a boyfriend by the time I visit New York again - even though it would mean that I wouldn't be able to sleep with him!

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