Saturday, April 02, 2005

New York trip 2004: Wednesday evening with D

Around lunchtime I call D to confirm the evening meeting. “Why don’t you come round at about 8pm”, he says.

“Great. Can we get something to eat somewhere near you?” I ask him.

“Yes OK. There’s a cheap Japanese restaurant that’s only a block away that we can go to.”

In the evening I have a bit of difficulty getting a cab and I arrive a bit late around 8:20pm. But D is happy that I’ve come and lets me in.

“That’s not the same dog you had when I was here a couple of days ago, is it?” I ask him when I get inside his apartment.

“No, actually I get paid for looking after dogs”, he admits, with a grin on his face. So this must be one of the ‘various things’ that D was talking about on Monday when I asked him what job he did!

On the way to restaurant, D tells me that New Yorkers love their pets and will pay huge amounts of money to have them looked after reliably when they can’t do it themselves. “There’s a rich guy who’ll pay me enough to cover my rent just to walk his dog every day!”

We have a nice Japanese meal. I tell him that I used to work for a Japanese bank, so I’ve spent some time in Tokyo. “Yes, Japanese guys are lovely”, I admit. The meal only costs $30 for two, so we split the bill.

Back in his apartment, he tells me to make myself comfortable. “I’ve just got to walk the dog round the block.” So I take off my shoes and watch the TV while he’s out.

When he gets back, he comes and sits down on the sofa next to me. “Do you have a different dog to look after every night?” I ask him. But instead of answering, he smiles, puts one hand on my shoulder, and kisses me.

We spend the next hour or more kissing, cuddling, undressing each other, and finally playing with each other on the bed. I'm fascinated by D's lovely long black hair. Just as on Monday night, we have a wonderful time.

Afterwards, D he lets me stay the night again. “You know, if you hadn’t stayed and slept with me on Monday morning I wouldn’t have wanted to see you again!” he says. Lucky for me that I did sleep with him on Monday morning because I think D is a gorgeous guy. We cuddle a lot during the night, and I get more sleep that I did early on Monday morning, which is great. I feel very comfortable being with D. In the morning we have sex again.

“Tonight’s my last night in New York - on this trip anyway”, I say as I’m getting dressed. “Would you like to go out somewhere with me in the evening?”

“You mean, on a sort of date?” says D.

Well yes, I suppose that is what I mean, but I didn’t think of it like that. I nod. “Perhaps we could have supper together somewhere?” I add.

We agree that D will meet me outside my hotel in Midtown around 8pm. He’ll get some ideas for a restaurant we could go to from some friends of his. Around 7:30am I give him a hug and a kiss, and head off to my hotel to get ready for the day ahead.

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