Friday, April 22, 2005

Fun before work with a young dancer

I’ve mentioned before that it’s sometimes possible to find a bit of fun before work (The nipple question). Last Monday was just such a day.

While I’m eating my breakfast I log onto gaydar. Gaydar is a bit quiet so out of curiosity I log onto too. On one occasion last year I had found some fun in London via (New York trip 2004: Saturday before the flight), so although gaydar is the dominant online cruising web site in the UK, London gay life still exists on to some extent.

I’m astounded because within 10 minutes I’m chatting to a couple of guys on, and still nothing via gaydar. The first guy to contact me lives in the south-west of London, and seems interested in having me meet him for some fun in his office in the West End. While I’m chatting to him, a second guy in his early 20’s contacts me. The second guy only lives about 15 minutes by taxi from me so I focus on this conversation because it seems more promising. While I’m chatting to the second guy, a guy from gaydar contacts me so I start chatting to him too. But the discussions with the second guy from go well. It turns out that his name is R. So we exchange mobile phone numbers and I tell the other guys that I hope to meet them on another occasion.

I order a taxi. When I’m ready to leave, boyfriend number 1 is still in bed so I go and give him a kiss to wish him an enjoyable day. Unfortunately my mobile phone beeps loudly with a txt msg from R while I’m in the bedroom, he’s checking that I’m still going to visit him. “Damm”, I think, “why didn’t I turn my mobile phone off, how can I explain getting a txt msg at this time of day?” Luckily boyfriend number 1 is too sleepy to ask so I head for the taxi.

It’s a taxi driver I recognise, who’s surprised that I’m going in a different direction to normal. While I’m in the cab I get another txt msg from R. “When you arrive, send me a txt msg and I'll let you, please don’t ring the doorbell – people sleeping”.

Everything goes according to plan. Face to face, R is a bit shorter than I am, with a fit body and a friendly face, basically a lovely looking guy. His flat is in the basement, and the door enters straight onto a small living room. “There's a friend sleeping here at the moment so please try and be quiet. So we'll do it over there”, he whispers, pointing to a small sofa, “is that OK? Would you like a glass of water or something?”

“OK thanks”, I say quietly. But before he can go and get me a glass of water I put my hand on his shoulder and kiss him gently on his lips. I only intended it as an introductory kiss but it turns out that he’s very keen and he reciprocates passionately. We head over to the sofa, shedding clothing on the way.

“Are you safe?” he asks.

“Yes of course, you?”

“Yes”, he says, as he starts kissing me again.

Soon we’re both lying on the sofa, kissing and fondling each other, both naked. His body smells gorgeous. It’s been a while since I had fun with a guy of this age, and I find his pert body very stimulating.

“Hmm nice”, he says pausing briefly, half-way through, “but don’t cum in my mouth!”

Afterwards he gets me the glass of water, while I call a taxi. “So what do you do?” he asks me in a hushed voice when he’s back sitting on the sofa next to me. I tell him that I work for a bank in the city.

“And what do you do”, I ask him.

“Oh, I’m a dancer”, he says. I’m not surprised because he looks very fit, and his body is very firm.

“I grew up in Sydney, but I’ve been over here since last summer. Although at the end of last year I was working in America and this year I’m going to be working in Spain and Eastern Europe, as well as London.”

“Wow, that sounds glamorous”, I say.

“It was at first, but now its just work. You soon get over it! Anyway, why are you awake so early?”

“Oh, I usually go to the gym before work”, I explain.

“Actually so do I, but for me that’s late afternoon. I work from 6pm to 1am at the moment. But I have Monday’s off, so last night I was out until very late with friends. Which is why one of my female friends is sleeping here in my bed!”

There was one other occasion when I had fun before work with a ‘dancer’, a guy who had once worked as a model for Dolce & Gabana. At the time I met him he was working as a go-go boy – one of the cute guys who dresses up in virtually nothing, and dances along the bar in the gay equivalent of a hetero lap-dancing club. It was a similar situation to last Monday, we met on and he was at the end of his night whereas I was at the beginning of my day.

Back to last Monday and I phone the taxi company to find out where the cab is. I need to leave because R wants to go to bed and I’m keeping him up. I’m told the cab is outside so I kiss him goodbye and wish him pleasant dreams.

To my surprise it’s the same taxi driver who took me to visit R half an hour ago. Then I realise that I had inadvertently given the driver the impression that I had wanted him to wait. Damm! Not only is there a big bill to pay in this taxi, but there’s another taxi on the way that’s going to have to be cancelled. Never mind, although it turns out to be an expensive early morning excursion, I’ve enjoyed every second.

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