Thursday, February 10, 2005

Back in the gym in London in the men's sauna

The sauna in the men's changing room at the gym I go to was crowded this morning. Usually only a couple of guys are using it, but this morning there are 4 guys inside when I walk in, and then 2 more come in almost immediately. Last year, the gym management put up a sign outside the sauna to say that shorts had to be worn in inside "for hygine reasons", but no one takes any notice. So as usual, most of us are naked. You can't see what's happening inside unless you walk along past the showers to where the sauna is situated, so the privacy makes it possible to have some fun there, although its still a bit risky.

I know a few of the guys there this morning. E and S are both inside when I enter, and J is one of the 2 guys who come in shortly after me. W is around in the changing room although he doesn't seem to come into the sauna any more.

The problem with a crowded sauna is that the more people there are, the less chance there is of any action. But its still good fun, looking at each other's naked bodies, trying to work whether someone is gay, straight, and whether they have any idea of the activities that go on there. As a rule of thumb, if you catch someone's eye then they do know what goes on, and are interested in participating. Straight men just don't catch each other's eyes in that kind of situation.

While we're waiting for the non-participants to leave I talk to J. He's just come back from holiday in Switzerland. I have my suspisions that S is a potential participant but I'm not sure so I want to ask J whether he can shed any light on this. But I can't really ask while the non-participants are present.

It takes a while for all the non-participants to leave. Although E is definitely a participant he leaves too, presumbaly he needs to get to work. Of course there's always a danger that other non-participants will take their place. Today however we are lucky, although both me and J end up getting to work slighly late this morning.

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