Thursday, February 24, 2005

My gay colleague P on the trading floor

There's quite a close colleague called P who is gay and works on the bank's trading floor with me. I still laugh when I think about how we found out about each other. A mutual friend of ours had said for ages that he was going to invite us round for dinner to introduce us to each other. Him and his wife just thought that the two gay couples they knew should be introduced, especially because in each couple one person works for an investment bank. But they hadn't worked out that we worked for the same investment bank, let alone that we were close colleagues!

To me it was hilarious - myself and boyfriend number 1 enter and get introduced to a guy I know quite well and his Chilean boyfriend. Not as funny as seeing a close colleague get a blow job in a gay sauna a few years ago (see Are all the straight guys really straight?), but quite funny none the less.

At the dinner, it turned out that P was relatively closeted, so he was a bit anxious about the situation. Since then myself and boyfriend number 1 have become good friends with him and his boyfriend D outside work. He was mortified when I told him that I had suspected that he was gay as soon as I met him because he had thought that no one could possibly have guessed.

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