Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines day evening, 2005

This entry doesn't really belong in this blog because its in the "Things I can tell boyfriend number 1" category. But I'm not going to have two diaries so it'll have to go here.

Tonight me and boyfriend number 1 went to the same posh restaurant for a Valentines day dinner that we went to 10 years ago. Great food and wine, although vastly overpriced - but everywhere is on Valentines day.

Just before we get our dessert, a hetero couple sit down next to us. When our dessert arrives, the woman says "oh, both desserts look lovely, tell us which one is best". We end up having a great conversation with them, they're both very chatty and good fun. They've got 3 children, they recommend Dubai and the Caribbean for holidays, and tell us to go skiing next year.

The bizzare thing is that although we've been going to Valentines day dinners together for 16 years, the only other time we've got into a good conversation with other diners on Valentines day was in this same restaurant 10 years ago. I'm still trying to work out if that means anything.

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