Monday, February 14, 2005

Mobiles make cheating 'too easy'

I just spotted a story on BBC news online from yesterday,
Mobiles make cheating 'too easy'
according to a recent survey. Well yes, they do help, as does the internet, e-mail and txt-messaging. But I'm not sure about 'too easy'. One still has to:

* find someone to cheat with

* find time to meet them

* invent a plausbile story to cover up, which can't be "sorry dear, had to work late" all the time

* ensure no embarrasing lipstick on one's collar (for the hetero guys) or spunk stains on one's jeans

* try and take a shower at the gym before returning to boyfriend number 1

It would be interesting to see the way the different genders and sexualities responded to the questions, the story on BBC news online doesn't specify.

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