Wednesday, February 16, 2005 empowering gay asia

A week and a half ago when I was in Singapore, the Chinese guy I had sex with on Saturday night told me about fridae which is a gay dating web site with the motto empowering gay asia. So the day after I found out about fridae I registered with them to find out if it's any good.

There don't seem to be any chat rooms, and there doesn't seem to be any instant messaging service, but it seems to be quite active none the less. You start by setting up a profile, just like you do on gaydar or Once you're registered, there seem to be three ways of contacting other guys:

* sending a 'heart'. This is just a way of saying that the sender is interested in the person they're sending a heart to.

* sending a request to be friends. The receiver can then accept or reject the request.

* sending e-mails.

The idea of sending hearts is quite sweet. So the web site seems focussed on helping gay people in Asia find relationships.

Within a couple of days of setting up my profile I had received over a dozen hearts. Unfortunately I had returned to London by then so I felt it was inappropriate to reciprocate, instead I added a 'diary' entry to my profile to say that I looked forward to trying to meeting up with a few guys on my next visit. Even now though I'm still receiving hearts, and even a couple of e-mails from Asian guys who may be visiting London in the near future.

So I reckon for gay guys visiting Asia who want to meet some of the locals it's well worth setting up a fridae profile. It's probably also worthwhile for guys elsewhere in the world who like Asian men.

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