Monday, February 21, 2005

How easy is it to be an openly gay investment banker?

Although it's meant to be easier to be openly gay in investment banking these days, I still don't know of any openly lesbians or gay men at the bank I work for. Perhaps the bank I work for is behind the times? For example at UBS there are even gay-lesbian networks. But I'm sure its still much easier to openly gay in a support role such as legal or IT, rather than in a role on the trading floor.

To my knowledge, there are only three other gay guys at the bank I work for and none of us are open about it. There's a guy in internal audit who I met at a party hosted by a gay friend a couple of years ago. There's a guy who works in the post room (or in security, not sure which). And there's quite a close colleague who works on the trading floor. There are brief stories to tell about how I got to know about the post room guy and about the guy on the trading floor which I'll try and tell later this week.

This morning I overslept a bit and missed the gym, and had to take a cab into the office to make sure I wasn't too late. But on the way, I spotted J from the gym, crossing the traffic light diretly in front of my cab. I've mentioned J a couple of time before in this blog (see Valentines day morning, 2005 and Back in the gym in London in the men's sauna). I tried to wave out of the cab window but he didn't see me. Its been almost 2 years now since I first spotted J in the sauna at the gym. He was very shy then, and it took a long time of looking at each other before we got anywhere. But it's almost a year now since we first starting to have fun together. Seeing him today at a distance me realise that I'm quite fond of him. Hopefully I'll see him later in the week.

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