Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fun in the gym sauna has its disadvantages

I take a late lunch today and use the time to go to the sauna at the gym. Early afternoons after 2pm tends to be a good time to find a bit of fun there, because the lunchtime heteros are back in work. The sauna is empty when I enter, so I lie down naked and try and relax. Its been a hectic morning at the bank.

After around 5 minutes two guys come in, one after the other. One guy is shaved all over, and is clearly looking for action because he keeps looking at my naked body lying there. The other guy is just there for a sauna. A couple of guys come and go, I take a shower break, and eventually it's just me and the shaved guy. The disadvantage of sauna sex of course is there's no guarantee one won't be interrupted. So we're just starting to enjoy the situation when we have to stop because someone else comes in. But the connection has been made, so if we're patient it's just a matter of time.

Ten minutes later and the coast is clear again, so we start again. This time we get much further. I'm really enjoying myself. This time I get so far that I'm just past the point of no return and ... we're interrupted again!!! Grrrrrr. But I suppose its all part of the excitement.

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