Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A quick session before work with a local guy

The Tuesday after I met the tall American guy in his hotel, I'm logged into gaydar late in the evening when I spot the half Italian guy from the previous month. Since the original meeting I'd chatted to him a couple of times online but we hadn’t hooked up again. Although it’s late, I decide to start chatting to him

GB: Hi, remember me?
guy: sure do, how u mate?
GB: fine :-)
GB: would be nice to visit u again sometime
guy: yeah, u free now?

It's almost 11pm and I'm about to go to bed with boyfriend number 1 so that’s not going to work. But I've got an idea

GB: soz m8, can't visit now, how about early 2mrw
guy: dunno, i leave for work early
GB: uh-huh, what time?
guy: maybe 745am
GB: so should be OK if I get to u around 7am?

He pauses, clearly he’s tempted.

guy: i always wank when I first wake up
GB: well DONT wank 2mrw! Save urself for me LOL
guy: LOL
GB: how about this – I’ll send u a txt msg around 6.30-6.45am
GB: if you’re up for it, just send me a brief reply
GB: if I don’t hear from you before 7am I’ll assume it’s not possible
guy: ok i guess
GB: yeah def! if u always wank in the morning you should be well horny, so should be a good sesh :-)
guy: true!
GB: right m8, gonna hv to go now, but I’ll def send u a txt msg 6.30-6.45am
guy: ok
GB: and remember, you’ve only got permission to wank if I don’t txt u before 6.45am!!!
guy: LOL OK
GB: bi for now m8, sweet dreams
guy: u 2

I go to bed but I don’t sleep that well. Apart from the hot weather to make me feel uncomfortable, every hour or two I wake up thinking about visiting the guy and wondering if it’s time to get up yet. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea, especially if it doesn't work out and I don’t end up visiting him after all.

Eventually it is time to get up. Leaving boyfriend number 1 in bed, I get up and put my gym kit on, and then go downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. After breakfast, it’s almost 6.30am so I send the guy a txt msg

GB: Morning m8 :-), so can I visit you this morning? If so, please let me know before 7am (and no wanking till I get there!) x

Having sent the txt msg as promised, I head to the bathroom. The plan is to visit the guy for a bit of fun and then go to the gym for a short run, but if I don’t get a txt msg from him I’ll be able to go to the gym for a proper run. Before I’m finished in the bathroom I get his reply

Guy: Just woke up. Cum if u want 2

Well of course I want to! I send him a reply

GB: I'll be there in 15 mins! C u soon xxx

Boyfriend number 1 is used to me going to the gym before work so it seems quite natural to him. He’s still I bed so I say a quiet goodbye, giving him a kiss on his forehead before heading off.

Like last time, it takes around 15 minutes, so it’s not even 7am by the time I reach the guy’s door. I’m about to ring when the door opens. The guy must have seen me coming down the street.

“Hi”, he says very quietly, with a cheeky smile on his face.

I guess that the idea is not to wake the people in the other apartments so I smile knowingly at him and follow him upstairs without saying a word.

He’d managed to keep himself from his customary morning wank, so as I’d hoped he’s quite horny. Even though it’s early in the morning, the air is still quite warm as a result of the current heat wave. We consequently have a quick, sweaty, but enjoyable session. Afterwards he lights up a cigarette.

"Actually, a neighbour used to come round regularly for a bit of early morning fun", he says with a satisfied tone in his voice. "It's always good to get rid of the first load of the day with someone else!"

"So why did it stop?" I ask.

"That was when I lived in my previous place", he says, "Now I live over here it’s not convenient any more".

"Well as long as you live here, it’s convenient for me to visit you in the morning", I say, "and as long as this hot weather continues I’ll have no problem getting up either. I find sleeping in this heat quite difficult!"

"Actually I sometimes sleep on the floor in the bathroom in this weather", he says, "it’s the coolest room in the flat".

"Do you sleep in the bath?"

"No, I just put some bed clothes on the floor and sleep on top of them, I don’t need anything to cover me in this weather".

So I’m not the only one having trouble sleeping in this hot weather! The trouble with living in London is that historically there have been very few days in a year when one wishes one had air conditioning, so almost no one has it. But in recent years, there have been lengthy spells during the summers which are very uncomfortable without air conditioning.

We chat a bit more but after a few minutes I decide I should leave, otherwise there won’t be time for a short run at the gym. I get up and start putting my gym kit back on.

"So are you really off to gym mate?" he says with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

"Yes of course", I say smiling, "a gym session works well for me in the morning, although a bit of fun like this morning and then a gym session is even better!"

"I don't know how you can manage gym in the morning", he sighs.

"It doesn’t suit everyone, but it works well for me", I say. "Anyway mate, the best thing you could do for your health would be to give up those cigs!"

He laughs, but he knows I’m telling the truth. Like last time, we agree to look out for each other online, and I head off to the gym.

On the way to the gym I wonder how good the exercise one gets from sex is relative to running and other cardiovascular intensive activities. My guess is that sex is probably not as good as running from a fitness point of view, although it’s obviously more enjoyable. So much as I’d like to, I shouldn’t just focus on my favourite activities, I do need my gym visits too!


Life of a Banana said...

is this a repeat post of the one few days ago? just a change of word here and there.

Gay banker said...

Still visiting me Banana-life? I thought you said your therapist was going to help wean you off my blog!

GB x

The Accidental Activist said...

Having read your blog for a bit, I can't decide if you're completely immoral (eek, that sounds bad) or completely honest. But it's a great read, and I'm drifting towards the latter...

Life of a Banana said...

I like the comfort of coming back to the familiar. I'm guaranteed to get that here.

Will said...

I think sex is great exercise. Good cardio, excellent work out--particularly if you aren't into just vanilla or only one position. In fact, I think it's one of the healthiest things you can do.

"Fucking for Fitness!"

Gay banker said...

I could be both accidental activist! These days though, boyfriend number 1 knows that I play away, but he just doesn't want me to tell him about it. So in that sense anyway, my activities aren't immoral.

Banana-Life, don't forget what I said in Reluctant Nomad's interview. This blog is my record, my diary, so it's for me, not you! But I don't mind if you look at it too.

GB xxx

Life of a Banana said...
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Life of a Banana said...

And I love you too...

cuteCTguy said...

GB I can see you point of view.. that its a place to vent your views on whats going on in your life but cant discuss with Boy No1 or friends.... but I guess at same time it does become rather formulaic.. I loved it when you used to blog about gym, work, parties (OK there was usually a sex bit) as it gave a small insight into your life. Can we have more of that as well as the sex? Bisou.

Gay banker said...

I always just blog about what I’ve been doing cuteCTguy. As you say, this has sometimes included gym (before the sauna at my gym was closed), work (only small number of postings), and parties (only two postings I think). July was a particularly busy month for activities, so that’s what I’m blogging about at the moment.

Actually it’s amusing to get these comments from Banana-Life because in a comment to a recent posting which wasn’t about activities, he complained that I was "just trying to draw punters to this blog"!

Anyway, I’ve thought of a posting that I can do which isn’t about activities, and which should be interest to both cuteCTguy and Banana-Life. Maybe later this week. Stay tuned!

GB xxx

Life of a Banana said...

I agree with what you said. You're not blogging for us. You are writing for yourself. We are only voyeurs...hhhhehehheh

czechOUT said...

GB....was chatting with a friend who practices psychology in forms, mainly forensic.

We were talking about blogs, and I'd previously put him in your direction. He had some interesting observations, but I fear, the worst news is, he profiled you in your early 50's....

Oh, say it isn't true

czechOUT said...

GB I was away for a wee while, so i never saw your posting until my attention was darwn to it:

And the comment I meant to leave a couple of hours ago (when I reaslised there was a problem with the permalink for this post!) is a response to czechOUT's 20-Aug 01:03 comment:

Boyfriend number 1 is shy when it comes to that sort of thing czechOUT, and is still getting used to the idea that I'm not monogamous.

But what about you? Given your interest in this subject, I strongly suspect that monogamy isn't in your nature either. So why do you suffer your boyfriend's vaues? Are you financially dependent on him? If not, what power does he have over you?

GB xxx

i aknowledge that monogamy may not be in my nature. I suspect that for many gay guys who see sex as a function, being exclusive is a problem.

Yet, I'm in love with someone who expects monogamy. So,in my relationship I got to keep libido in control to respect my BF.

If he had no problem with exclusivity, yeah I'd probably shag around. But I love him, I know his expectations, so to respect him I remain faithful.

My nature tella mw to fuck around. And why not? It's fun.

But I have my partner. My best chance for happiness *I* think. So wjy blow it?

I could go behind his back...am sure he might not know...but even if so, would I feel happy about myself?

So, just to finish,,,this is not a reflection on GayBanker. Just some thoughts.

I guess to summarise...I would love to fuck around. But I have to respect my relationship.\

GB..do u thin it will break because of my nature?

Gay banker said...

Two very interesting comments czechOUT :-).

Regarding your first comment, you've left me hanging on tenterhooks! What other intereting observations has your friend had, I'd LOVE to know :-). In any case, I don't get upset by the thought of being in my early fifties because one day, I hope that I will be.

Regarding your situation, why are you so sure that your partner doesn't feel the same way that you do? Even I wanted a monogamous relationship when I first started out with boyfriend number 1, and I managed it for five years, but slowly I changed my mind. Are you sure that he hasn't changed his mind?

Think about it though. According to your blogger profile, you're 35 years old. I think life expectancy in the UK these days is around 80 so you can expect another 45 years to live. Although libido may not last to the very end, given your nature it'll be a very very long journey only having cock and bum fun with one guy! So the chances are that somewhere along the way, one way or another, your monogamous intentions won't last.

If you manage to keep yourself monogamous, there's a danger that eventually you'll end up resenting your partner, so it won't be a happy situation after all. If you do play away, I think the important thing is that your partner doesn't find out without you telling him. So either you agree some rules in advance, or ultimately you end up telling him that you've had fun with other guy(s). I kept the situation secret from boyfriend number 1 for 10 years, but in the end we were going through a rocky patch and I told him. Even after 15 years together, we'd probably have split up if he hadn't heard it from me in an effort to try and put things right.

GB xxx