Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A quick session on Saturday morning

If I've got nothing better to do, I'll do a spin class in the gym on Saturday morning as part of my exercise regime. Spin is a popular class so I have to book, which I'll usually do a few days in advance. The only problem is that sometimes I'll end up arranging more interesting activities, and then I become unpopular with the gym staff if I forget to cancel my booking!

Alternative activities do seem to present themselves to me on Saturday morning. For example, on the first Saturday of last month, I'm logged into gaydar while eating my breakfast. I spot a guy online who I've chatted to a few times before, although we've never met. But from the previous conversations I know that he lives quite close to me, so I decide to start chatting to him again

GB: I m8, how's u? I think we almost hooked-up last month ...

It takes him a short while to respond. Perhaps he's also eating his breakfast.

guy: yeah I remember
GB: well are u free this morning?
guy: been up with friends all night, gotta get some sleep soon

Hmmm, perhaps visiting him isn't such a good idea. He could be high on chems, chilled on dope, or simply a bit drunk!

GB: perhaps I'd better let u go then m8
guy: actually a quick session mite b just wot I needs 2 help me sleep
GB: uh-huh :-)
GB: but r u up to it m8, LOL
guy: we stopped drinking 3am, am well horny now ...

I look at my watch - that was over 6 hours ago so by now he should have sobered up. And since I know he lives close, it won't be too much hassle if it turns out to be a wasted visit!

GB: well it would be good to finally meet u m8! u wanna give me ur exact address and i'll be round in 15?

He tells me what I need to know and soon everything is agreed.

Each time I'd spoken to him I'd found out a bit more about him. First his name, then the rough area he lives, then the road, and finally now his exact address and mobile phone number. Of course a quick session suits me too, because with any luck I'll have time to visit him AND make it to the gym for my spin class! I rush upstairs to get some clean gym kit and set off.

As expected, it takes about 15 minutes to walk round to where he lives. Soon I'm ringing the bell to his flat. There's no automatic door release mechanism, so he has to come downstairs to let me in.

"Good to meet you at last", he says with a slightly tired smile on his face, "come on up".

Face to face he looks a bit friendlier than in the photos on his gaydar profile. And although he looks a bit tired, he doesn't seem drunk at all. I follow him up to the top floor of the house where his flat is.

"Nice place you've got here mate", I say looking round once inside, "do you share with anyone?"

"No", he says with a glint in his eye, "we're all alone :-)"

I give him a peck on his lips and rub the front of his shirt gently, finding his left nipple which is slightly erect.

En route to the gym via the bedroom"Hmmmm", he says smiling back, "let's go in here."

I follow him into his bedroom. Sitting on the side of his bed it doesn't take me long to strip off, while he does the same. Once I'm down to just the blue gym shorts that I'm wearing, I lean over and put my hand on his shoulder, kissing him properly now. He reciprocates eagerly, putting his arm round me as we recline back on the bed. We have a swift but through session.

"Are you Spanish at all", I ask him afterwards. "Judging by your accent you've been brought up in the UK, but one of your profile pics definitely looks a bit Spanish."

"Close!" he says, "I was brought up in Greenwich, and although my father was English my mother was Italian. I guess it's a Mediterranean look you spotted somehow!"

We chat for a bit while I drink my customary glass of water. I notice that there are quite a few empty bottles of wine on the dining table.

Suddenly I look at my watch. "Oh dear", I say, "I'd better be going. If I leave now I might just make it to my spin class at the gym."

"Blimey, you're full of energy aren't you", he says, "I'm gonna hit the sack for a few hours!"

"Well mate", I say laughing, "you certainly had a lot of energy just now for a guy who's been up all night!"

We agree to keep a lookout for each other online. Luckily it's only ten minutes walk to the gym from where the guy lives and I arrive with five minutes to spare. Today at least, I won't have to apologise to the gym staff for a missed spin class booking!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just browsing the internet via google, as I usually do to pass the time, and your blog popped up, although how I haven't a clue. I'm a mostly straight girl in the US. I think your blog is fascinating, maybe you should try publishing it as a book one day. I like it. Anyway, feel free to check out my blog if you like!

Anonymous said...


I'm going to have to go back into your archives now.

The anals of history.

Anonymous said...


I'm with Minge...gotta start going back in the archieves.

I would be way too shy to hook up with people like that. How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

No no, GB. I don't mind meaningless sex between me and strangers. But when it's with a potential long term relationship.. then it's totally different. I'm sure it means different things to you when you make love to your bf #1, than when you have sex with your gaydar encounters, right? Don't know if this confused you even more.... :)