Friday, July 28, 2006

The Man from (epilogue)

[Read part 1/3, part 2/3, part 3/3]

During the first meeting with The Man from, he had told me about a guy he was starting to see who might potentially become a full time boyfriend. I could only be a part-time boyfriend for him of course. In the days that followed the fun we had, when we almost got caught In flagrante delicto, it gradually became clear to both of us that for his relationship with this other guy to stand any chance of working we wouldn't be able to continue seeing each other :-(.

I do feel a bit heart-broken *sob*. In my mind, I'd already pencilled this guy in as boyfriend number 4. I've said before that I'm keen on polyamory, but I guess this is one of the downsides. Having found a small place for him in my heart, it hurts now that he can't occupy it :-(((


Life of a Banana said...

Hi Gay Banker

I am new to your blog. I get the idea that you are into Rice. mmnnnnn...

Graham said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite a long time, but this is only the second time I have posted any comment.

Emotions are such an important part of our make up. In the sort of casual sex that you have been having, the emotional element has not been very involved, but now it has become engaged at some level with this "new friend" from work.

Once the emotions are engaged, then it does hurt when you are rejected or as in this case step back from involvement in order that your friend may be free to become fully and trully emotionally invloved with his b/f.

I am glad you are honourable enough to be willing to step back out of the relationship, even if it is costing you something at a personal level.

Gay banker said...

Yes banana, I definitely like rice, but I'm well all the other flavours too LOL!

Indeed graham. I genuinely hope it works out for him, but if not I hope he'll let me comfort him if it goes wrong.

GB xxx

Life of a Banana said...

Banana is rice and the two make a yummy pudding. Perhaps you can add the custard.

Future I-Banker said...

GB, I know exactly how you feel... Me and B decided that we should stop doing the 'activities' that we've been doing, because he's interested in a real potential bf, and that I cannot offer him! It's a little sad...

And of course it's not me in the picture! :)

I can't believe it's not chicken said...

I think a lot of guys like rice; I like wild steamed rice followed by sticky rice.

S said...

Well well GB, you have certainly been busy since I have been away! I just updated myself on your blog and have a few questions to ask...

1) You say that being with one person doesn't suit you, but what would you say to 3? By that I mean, why don't you just keep it to your 3 boyfriends?

2) After reading the 3 parts of the man from Fridae, I can't really distinguish what is so different about him from anyone else that you meet except for the fact that you got to know him a little bit first before engaging in activities with him, is this why you developed a soft spot for him?

3) Do you find that activtities with people that you are emotionally involved with (boyfriends) are better/more enjoyable than with strangers or not?

Anyways, I must say that you still have one of the most interesting blogs I've ever read and I really enjoy your style of writing.


Gay banker said...

Hi Saf :-)

Looks like you’re interviewing me LOL. I guess I don’t mind answering these questions, since they’re from you anyway!

1) If I saw them each often enough maybe it would work (although perhaps four would be better)! However boyfriend number 2 lives in another country, and I only get to see boyfriend number 3 about once a month. (Although I call him boyfriend number 3, I guess I’m only a fuck-buddy to him!)

2) Sometimes there’s chemistry and sometimes there isn’t. With The Man from Fridae there was definitely chemistry!

3) On average, I think I do enjoy activities more when I know the guy well. It’s really nice being able to relax in their company. But occasionally I meet a new guy and we have an amazing time together. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I do it :-)

Anyway, glad you enjoy my blog!

GB xxx

S said...

Haha, sorry for all the questions! But thanks very much for answering them! Still love your writing style and they way you explain what you were actually thinking at each moment. I'll probably be a faithful reader for a very long time!


Anonymous said...


this was a sad end to a brilliant story.