Friday, July 14, 2006

A repeat performance with a Chinese guy

Although I enjoy meeting new guys for fun, there's also something nice about hooking up with guys for repeat performances, assuming that the first meeting was enjoyable of course. There's the certainty that you know what they look like, and that they’re genuine. Sorting out the mechanics of who’s going to do what to whom is also much easier a second time round!

On the Saturday just after the middle of last month, I spot a guy online that I met once before. It’s the cute Chinese guy with the cock that went BOING! We had a good time together back in April so I decide to start chatting to him again:

GB: Hi m8, I'd luv to have another session with u sometime :-)
guy: sure
GB: :-), I could visit u now if ur up for it?
guy: cool. hehehe.

I always think it's cute the way some guys giggle (saying e.g. "hehehe") when the prospect of a bit of fun materialises! We chat briefly about the mechanics and everything is agreed very quickly. Although there are some soccer World Cup games on today, England aren't playing so taxi transport should be readily available.

GB: shall I visit you now then?
guy: ok
GB: give me 30 mins or so :-), I'll grab a cab like last time
guy: sure. sooner the better
GB: and send u a txt when I'm in the cab :-)
guy: cool
GB: send me a txt msg if there's any problem, see you soon :-)
guy: btw, i love cum twice OK?
GB: LOL yes I remember
guy: see u

Everything goes according to plan, and soon he’s buzzing me into his apartment. Once inside he asks me not to make too much noise, just like last time.

“The other people who live here are very nice, and they don’t judge. So I just think it would be a bit rude of me to let them hear, errr, orgasmic noises!” he laughs.

OK mate, well I’ll try my best to be quiet but I'm not promising! Gradually we strip off and start enjoying each other’s company.

While we're playing together though, I sometimes don't quite understand what he's saying to me. He speaks good English, but occasionally he'll only say a few words and expect me to work out the rest, and sometimes I don't. He's a lovely guy, but in terms of categorising him as a fuckbuddy or a boyfriend, he's definitely a fuckbuddy and not a boyfriend!

We take it slowly, and in spite of some minor communication problems we have a great time. And just like last time it ends up being a double cum session.

"How's your bank job", I ask him afterwards.

"Originally my new job seemed better than the old one", he says, "but now I'm not so sure."

"How come?"

"In the old job I felt excluded because I was working at an Arabic bank, and they often seemed to speak Arabic to each other which I didn't understand. I work for an Indian bank now, and sometimes I'm in the same situation, except that they're talking Hindi to each other instead of Arabic!"

Eventually it seems like time to go. "I'd better be off", I say, "and I think after all that activity I'd better head to the gym for a shower".

"Actually I think I'll go to my gym too", he says, "but for a workout!"

"I did my workout this morning :-). Anyway, you mean that all the exercise I gave you just now wasn't enough?"

We laugh, and I get him to phone a mini-cab for me. We share a can of coke while we wait for the cab to arrive, and when it comes, we leave together and go our separate directions. Although communicating with him was sometimes a minor problem, it's never going to be a major issue when there are two guys who are fundamentally after the same thing!


Anonymous said...

Coke, that's certainly a deviation from the norm. So, in the remote chance, can you envision this one becoming more than a fb?

GB said...

Can't really imagine him being more than a fb as far as I'm concerned Legal-ize-IT, there's enough chemistry for fb but not bf!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Yes--and isn't that nice! To have a guy out there with whom you can have good-to-great sex, no obligations other than to treat him right and make sure he's having a good time too, and then off to the rest of your life until next time. A smart, extremely civilized arrangement.