Saturday, July 01, 2006

A bit of fun on a business trip to the USA

Blow BuddiesBack in May, I had a business trip to the west coast of the United States to visit some clients. It was a punishing schedule, and there wasn’t much time for fun. Except that while in San Franciso, in a change to my usual online activities, I decide to visit an infamous gay cruising venue called Blow Buddies. I’ve visited these kind of places before of course, but not since I started blogging.

I reckon there’s a whole spectrum of gay sex venues. At one end of the spectrum there are the gay saunas, some of them almost clinically clean, with their swimming pools and café areas. Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum are the arcades and porn cinemas. At at the other end of the spectrum thare are places places like, well, Blow Buddies!

Blow Buddies is a private club, so you have to be a member to get in. But membership is immediately available for visitors like me as long as one presents some kind of photo-ID and pays the membership fee. So one evening, having read Joe.My.God's post about the place, I put on my sleaziest clothes, jump into a cab, and ask the driver to take me to 933 Harrison.

Entering the building I actually feel slightly nervous. ‘Don’t be so silly!’ I tell myself. Although it’s been a while since I visited anywhere this sleazy, I’m not exactly a novice at this sort of thing. Inside the foyer, since I’m not a member, the staff take me to one side and to explain the dangers of unsafe gay sex to me.
“... so we can provide so condoms in case you need any. We ask that you don’t wear any cologne or fragrances of any type. Oh, and it’s no smoking inside too, but there’s an outside yard at the back in case you want to have a cigarette”.

Once the lecture is over I pay the membership and admission fees, get my membership card, and I’m in. I check all my valuables into the cloakroom and go exploring.

Somehow it’s smaller than expected, and after about fifteen minutes trolling around I reckon I’ve got the place sussed:

Inside map of Blow Buddies

As I wander around, the area I’ve called Cruise Central on my map seems to be the busiest area, although it takes me a while to realise what’s actually going on. Above the main corridor that passes through one side of Cruise Central is a big screen that’s showing porn, but because it’s quite high up I walk past it at ground level several times before I realise that it's there. Around the outside of Cruise Central is a raised platform, a kind of corridor with chest high walls with glory holes down below. When I realise how it works, I’m quite impressed. There are guys standing on this platform with their members through the holes, watching the porn over the top of the walls, and the platform is at exactly the right height so that guys below are servicing the guys on the platform without having to bend down. Ingenious :-)!

Nearby there’s Whiz World. In case anyone has any doubt what this involves, a sign outside issues a helpful warning: on this adventure you’re going to get wet! When I take a peek inside though, there’s no one there. I would have expected a room like that to be quite smelly, but it’s not. Actually one might expect the whole venue to be smelly, given the quantity of body fluids that get spilt there, but again it’s not. I wouldn’t like to be the cleaner though!

Perched above the main level is a much smaller upstairs area, accessible by a couple of stairways as shown on the map. As well as being able to look down on all the activites below, this area also has a few cubicles, with glory holes of course, and with small TV’s showing porn. Down at ground level again, there are also a few mazes and darker areas, furnished with various useful items such as big chairs, slings, and cages. But throughout the entire venue, there’s one dominant feature. If there’s a wall, it’s almost bound to have a glory hole in it! Well, with a name like Blow Buddies, what does one expect?

I wander round, pausing sometimes to watch the kind of activities that one just doesn’t usually get to see in normal life. One thing’s for certain, there’s absolutely no privacy for anything one wants to do, but then I guess that’s part of the attraction!

For example, turning a corner in one of the darker areas, there’s a guy sitting naked in one of the big chairs. Although the surrounding area is dark, he’s quite well illuminated by a light shining on him directly from above. Kneeling at his knees is another guy. “Hmmm, that’s good, go on, suck that mushroom head, yeah, that’s right”, I hear the guy in the chair say. Slurp, slurp. "Yeah go on you cocksucker, take it deep throat, you know you like it".

Although there are some younger guys there, most of the clientelle is probably older than me. Similarly, there’s quite a diverse mixture of body types, with a few fit looking guys, and more not so fit guys.

I spend a couple of happy hours there. Of course, during my visit a few cc's of my own body fluids find a welcome home. Although I'm not usually into this very sleazy stuff, I must admit that I had a good time. Variety is the spice of life after all. And when I was ready to go back to the hotel, the Blow Buddies staff kindly phoned me a taxi too. What a fabulous service these guys provide!


Anonymous said...


Did you make that floorplan yourself?


GB said...

Hmmm joe, presumably you're not the of because your blogger profile says you've only been on blogger since April 2006?

Anyway, the floorplan is all my own work :-). Well, I had to have something to do on the long flight back from SF to UK, and it's amazing what uses one can find for Microsoft Excel!

If anyone knows blow buddies, please let me know if you think the floorplan is accurate.

GB xx

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a rather exciting time. How did you find out about blow buddies? I'm wondering if there's a venue closer to me.

GB said...

Well ash, there are a couple of web sites with lots of advice on where to pick up guys all over the world, especially in the USA. So consult which has been around for years, and there's also a relatively new web site called squirt. When using, select sex listings from the options on the left hand menu. Once the listings come up, I usually find it easier to select the "show all pages" option. Squirt seems to work better if one gets a (free) login.

GB x

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I wouldn't like to be the cleaner either! lol! Is it open 24/7? GBD x

Anonymous said...

Thanks GB, A very helpful as well as interesting post. Blow Buddies sounds more impressive than anything available for exhibitionists/voyeurs in London.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that IS me. I recently created a second Blogger login so that I can post comments as JoeMyGod, rather than just "joe".

And I think your floorplan is very accurate!

Anonymous said...

When are you coming to Boston? Me originally from London, work in Boston. I love reading your blog at the end of the day.

GB said...

Hi D, well I visited Boston a few years ago, when I woz on a "leaf-peeping" holiday with boyfriend number 1 :-), although as I recall I also found time to visit a guy in a hotel for a bit of fun! Not sure when I'll be back though. GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just read your blog from a while back - when you visited Blow Buddies in SF.

Well - I'm about to visit San Fran myself - and I am intrigued!

Never been to anywhere like this before - but I would LOVe to!

Especially keen on the concept of Whizz World!

Can you tell me more/give me advice/dress code etc?

Thanks so much!


(Londoner, exiled in D.C.)