Saturday, September 09, 2006

A bit of fun before work on a Friday morning

July was quite a busy month. So busy in fact, that there was one encounter that I completely forgot about until last week. I'm in a cab one afternoon, on my way to visit a client, when it suddenly hits me, "I don't remember blogging about the guy with the tight foreskin"! And indeed, when I checked, the only records I had were a couple of details that I'd put into my PDA at the time. It happened on the Friday after I met the local guy again, a few days before my visit to boyfriend number 3.

The unusual thing was, we first got chatting on the open channel in one of the gaydar chat rooms. The open channel can be quite amusing. It's a simultaneous mixture of people advertising their availability for activities, other people chatting about rude or often harmless subjects, and occasionally people asking for advice on where to find different aspects of gay life in the chat room's designated area. It went something like this (although I've changed the names):

cockboi25: i cudnt go partying all night and then work
allbarnone: W11 and looking for a horny top now, can accommodate, private me
cockboi25: i would be sick
partyanimal: i am sick by default
hornyfunnow: central london now
cockboi25: we know
cockboi25: we are just humouring u
partyanimal: so a bit of beer smell in da morning
partyanimal: gets ma boss right
partyanimal: lol
GB: anyone up for prework fun
allbarnone: W11 and looking for a horny top now, can accommodate, private me
cockboi25: uuuuuurgh
cockboi25: stop
cockboi25: stop
hornyfunnow: hey GB u look hot, anytime ...
orgyboysnw3: SEXPARTY Saturday Hampstead for hot fits guys 20-40. pls msg4details
partyanimal: lol
cockboi25: that makes me sick too
partyanimal: :-)
cockboi25: theres an old guy at work
cockboi25: always stinks of booze
cockboi25: in the morning
cockboi25: and hes our first aider
GB: u2 hornyfun, perhaps I cud visit u on way to work?
partyanimal: or a good wank in the morning and no shower after
partyanimal: *drinks more biter lemon*
allbarnone: W11 and looking for a horny top now, can accommodate, private me
hornyfunnow: but i wud make u late for work
hornyfunnow: lol
GB: lol
newboionblock: anyone up for a drink tonight?

At that point I decided to open a private chat window with this guy. In the end, the negotiations are relatively simple, and within 45 minutes I'm knocking on his door. We get down to business relatively quickly, but when I'm examining his cock he's got one of the tightest foreskins I've ever seen.

"Does this go back", I ask, tugging relatively gently.

"Errr, no, soz mate!" he replies apologetically.

"Perhaps you should get circumcised - I don't think I've ever seen one that tight!"

In fact he's a very young guy, so with most of his gay life in front of him, I'd guess that he'll have to get it cut at some point. In spite of the problem with his apparatus though, we have a pleasant enough session. As usual, we chat afterwards as I'm hurrying to get dressed again for work.

"Nice flat you've got here mate", I say casually. In fact it's very small, but it's hard for young guys to afford much more than this in central London.

"Thanks, but I think I'm about to move out."

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"I want to go travelling. My work experience job finished recently, so I think I'm just going to go before I change my mind."

"Where do you want to travel."

"East would be good. China? Japan perhaps?"

Sometimes I wish I was young enough to do that. Just decide to go travelling on my own and to hell with everything else. But at this stage in my life, it would be hard if I wanted to carry on with my banking career when I got back. I'd also miss boyfriend number 1, because a trip like that wouldn't suit him at all. And of course, I'd also miss all my other boyfriends too!


S said...

Sounds like someone feels slightly stuck in a rut. I suggest a weekend getaway, with or without boyfriend number one, if you have the time!

Much Love,

cuteCTguy said...

GB is in a Rut - rutting mode that is!! :-) So many sexual encounters that you have actually forgotten some of them... sounds like a very naughty July. And August?

close encounters said...

how do you remember the details - do you have a photographic memory ??

btw, which PDA do you use ? i've just got a SonyEricsson P990, which seems to be working reasonably well !

Gay banker said...

I think this might answer your question mate :-)

And I've got a pda/smartphone with a qwerty keyboard - good for blog writing while on the move!

GB xxx

K said...

GB, the guy doesn't need circumcision. Speaking from personal experience, mine used to be so tight I can't pull the foreskin back while fully hard.

As long as he can pull the skin back while flaccid then all he has to do is "practice" getting hard with his foreskin pull back beforehand in the flaccid state. The foreskin is incredibly stretchable and overtime it won't be a problem.

Only took me a month or so of "practice" :)