Monday, October 16, 2006

A perfect evening

Last month, on the first Wednesday in September, it gets towards the end of the working day and I feel a bit randy. It's only natural for guys to get certain urges of course, but when one's in the middle of the bank's trading floor it can be, well, embarrassing. Eventually it's time to go home, so I consider a trip to Chariots, but suddenly I have a better idea. I decide to visit an internet cafe near the bank I work for, to see if I can find any guys nearby who also want a bit of fun.

In terms of online cruising in public places, I've done it a few times before, but I never feel that comfortable. Can that woman who's sitting next to me, sipping here cappuccino, read what I'm typing? Has she noticed that the guy on the other end of the private chat session has just asked me whether I'm any good at deep throat cock sucking techniques? And what about the guy who's pacing up and down behind me?

Luckily the cafe isn't that busy.

"Do you have internet access here?" I ask at the counter.

"Yes, 50p per half-hour", says the young girl behind the counter, "but we close at 7pm". She writes my name down, making a note of the time, and points to the corner. "Use the computer on the left".

Luckily no one else is using the internet at the moment, so perhaps it won't feel that uncomfortable here. Trying to look inconspicuous, I log into gaydar and head for the chat rooms.

It turns out that there are quite a few guys from my 'favourites' list in the chat rooms. One guy in particular catches my attention. It's the tall Scottish guy who enjoys watersports, and I haven't seen him online for several weeks. Although he's not near here, he's near the gym I'm a member of, so visiting him would make sense if I visit the gym afterwards. I decide to start chatting with him.

GB: Hi m8, how's u?

It takes a couple of minutes, but eventually he responds.

guy: fine, u?
GB: me too, just feeling a bit horny at the moment.
guy: well would be good to see you again sometime, but I'm working at the moment

Hmmm, he may well be working but he's also logged into the gaydar chat rooms! So with a bit of coaxing, perhaps he'd be open to a quick bit of early evening fun?

GB: would be nice to visit you on my way to the gym tonight mate?

I wait a few minutes but no response. I decide to deploy the most persuasive argument I can think of in this situation.

GB: won't you be able to concentrate on your work better m8, once you've unloaded?

It works! After a less than a minute I get the answer I'm looking for

guy: OK, go on then, just for a quick session!

The details are all sorted almost immediately, so I pay my 50p to the girl behind the counter and head out to find a taxi.

Soon he's letting me into his apartment.

"Where can I dump my gym bag?" I ask him with a cheeky glint in my eye.

"Just leave it here in the hall", he says smiling. "Actually I think you were on your way to the gym the last time I saw you!"

"Well I like to keep myself fit", I reply. "By the way, I think I need a pee, do you want to watch?"

Of course he wants to watch! I strip off and head to the bathroom, and we end up having a similar session to last time. Very satisfying, although it's a very humid day and I end up sweating quite a lot.

GB's glass of water"Sorry I'm sweating so much mate", I say afterwards, "have you got a towel I can dry myself off with? And a glass of water would be good too if possible?"

"Yeah sure, it is hot in here", he says, and pulling his trousers on commando style he goes to see what he can find me.

It doesn't take him long to get me a towel and a glass of water. After wiping myself with the towel, I gulp the water down greedily. While I'm doing this, he watches me closely. I notice that he's moving his hand around rhythmically inside his trousers.

"Want to go again?" he says lustfully.

But although I enjoy double cum sessions, I don't think I'm up for one today.

"I'd like to, but I'm meant to be meeting some guys at the gym soon", I say half-truthfully, "and actually I'm not sure I'd enjoy it given that I'm still feeling quite hot."

"No probs mate", he says looking slightly disappointed, "lets get together again soon then!"

It's only half true that I'm meeting some guys at the gym because it's just a group exercise class that a few of us do sometimes, so no one will actually miss me if I don't turn up. But on this occasion I decide that I will attend. A bit of bedroom exercise, followed by a bit of gym exercise, followed by a light supper with boyfriend number 1. A perfect evening :-).


Anonymous said...

Naughty boy!

Whenever I go to an internet cafe I worry that the person next to me can see my screen too :-(

Sounds like you had fun! Sweating isn't always bad you know ;-)

GBD xxx

MadeInScotland said...

SHOCKING!!! You finish work and you're in a cafe which closes at 7pm?? My my. I hope you start work at 5am!!! (Only joshing)

So can u be sure it was only a *glass of water*?


Alan said...

If sex was an Olympic sport they should put the gold medal around your neck (or some other place it would hang now ! The stamina of a true athlete.