Thursday, October 26, 2006

My gorgeous Japanese masseur

A cup of coffeeSometimes I can't get to sleep at night. Monday evenings have been particularly bad recently for some reason, although I've got a theory about why that might be. I don't usually drink coffee at home, so after a caffeine free weekend, my Monday caffeine intake via coffee in the office is probably too high.

If I find that I'm still awake half an hour or so after boyfriend number 1 has fallen asleep beside me, I'll sometimes get up for a short while to try and make myself tired. One such occasion occurred on the second Monday of last month. About 12.30am, I'm still wide awake, so I get up and head for the kitchen to fix myself a little snack. Taking a small plate of cheese and tomatoes into my study, I decide to log into gaydar to see if there's anyone I know online. It's as good a diversion as any, and hopefully it'll get my thoughts away from the work issues that were racing through my mind while I was lying in bed.

None of the guys that I occasionally talk to seem to be online, so for entertainment I head for the chat rooms. At this time of night there are usually a few hopelessly horny guys, engaged in their final attempts to try and find a man for the night, advertising themselves on the open channels in the chat rooms. But while I'm watching them, and the associated conversations, a guy called B contacts me

B: hi
GB: hi m8

As usual, I respond without looking at his profile. But when I look at his profile, it turns out that it's a commercial profile. I don't pay for it, so I can't see this going anywhere, but as I've got nothing else to do I may as well chat to the guy.

B: I think you quite close to me
GB: uh huh, could be
GB: but I see you've got a commercial profile mate
B: yes but I not working at the moment

Looking at the guy's gaydar profile, and his web site that his profile refers to, he is indeed quite near where I live. And he's not an escort or a rent-boy, instead he's a rather cute looking Japanese masseur. But is he a 'masseur'?

GB: I see you're a masseur
B: yes, please look at my rates, very reasonable
GB: but what kind of masseur are you mate?
B: I masseur, not escort
B: I also gay, you nice profile

While I was on holiday with boyfriend number 2 last year I started enjoying massage, as long as the masseurs were male at any rate. But I haven't had any massages or treatments since then, so it would be great to find a nice masseur in London. And if they're cute, and gay, so much the better :-). But is this guy for real? Or is he just an escort in disguise? His web site looks interesting, and as far as I can tell, his rates are indeed reasonable. If he was an escort, I'm sure that a nice looking guy like that would charge a lot more!

GB: your rates do look reasonable
B: very reasonable, I do nice massage for you if you want
GB: I also think that I am quite close to you
B: yes, I lonely tonight, can I come visit you
GB: I can't accom, and I don't pay for sex either mate, I don't have to
B: did I ask you to pay?
GB: no you didn't. Sorry
B: its ok. maybe you visit me?

Maybe I fell asleep in bed next to boyfriend number 1 after all, because this all seems very dreamy. There's this gorgeous Asian guy online, who also claims to be an experienced masseur too, who's begging me to visit him for sex. Ahhh well, I guess having cute guys throw themselves at me is just one of the things I've learned to live with! But of course, I can't meet him tonight.

GB: very sorry mate, I really would like to meet you tonight, but I can't. Would love to meet you another time, maybe tomorrow?
B: please visit tonight, I very lonely

Awwww poor guy, but I can't go upstairs to get dressed and then leave the house, not at this hour! It would disturb boyfriend number 1, and I really don't want boyfriend number 1 to know what I get up to, because he's told me very clearly that he doesn't want to know about this sort of thing. He'd also worry about me being out at this time of night, so it wouldn't be fair on him.

Even though I can't visit him, we chat a bit more. Soon we've exchanged mobile phone numbers, and we've provisionally agreed to try and meet later in the week. In spite of the exciting prospect of having a nice masseur on tap near home, rejoining boyfriend number 1 in bed I somehow manage to fall asleep.

The next day, towards the end of the afternoon, I decide to send B a txt msg.

GB: Hi B, we chatted online about 18 hours ago. Soz I was unable to visit you last night. But I could visit you now if you are free? Please let me know before 6:30pm otherwise it will have to be another evening. xxx

The reply arrives very quickly

B: Hi I would love to but my friend here at the moment. Can u accom? I can go now : )

Hmmm, he didn't tell me about any friend last night. Does 'friend' mean 'boyfriend'? If not, what does it mean? In any case, my reply is simple

GB: Sorry I cannot accom because the rule of my open relationship is no guys at home. I can visit tonight any time before about 7.30pm. If that is not convenient because of your friend, can you suggest other times? xxx

B: Hi, here is like an open office n massage room. He'll stay to work all week except Monday. I'll text to tell my next time available or I am go there not go to the room just behind the front door if u ok for that : )

I'm don't really understand what he means by that. Is he suggesting that we can get to know each other behind his front door somehow? Although the situation is uncertain, after a couple more txt msgs we've agreed to meet in a park near where we both live to discuss the possibilities face to face.

Leaving work, I grab a taxi and head for the park. Soon I'm sending him a txt msg to tell him where I am. And within 5 minutes, I see a lovely Asian guy walking over to me smiling.

"Hi are you B?" I say smiling back at him. He's dressed in shorts, t-shirt and running shoes, and looks every bit as gorgeous as his online photos.

"Very nice to meet you :-)", he replies. Instinctively we both put our hands out and touch each other, to deepen the interaction somehow without kissing.

It turns out that he'd been hoping to have fun just inside the front door of my house, because there's no way he can accom at the moment.

"I have a colleague who work with me. He good friend, not lover. But rude to have sex when he can hear!"

Yes, I guess you're right mate. But I can't accom either :-(.

"It's the same with me", I reply, "if we went to my house, my boyfriend would hear!"

I can imagine boyfriend number 1's reaction if he saw me playing with another guy in the hall of our house, and it wouldn't be pretty!

"OK, pity can't do anything now", he says quietly, "I very horny".

"Me too! Lets try and meet later in the week", I say hopefully. "Anyway, are you going for a run now?"

"Yes, short run, to help me stay fit. I send you txt msg later in the week, then you visit me OK?"

"Yes, but not tomorrow. Either Thursday or Friday would be great though :-). I can't wait!"

The next day, I have a lunchtime liaison arranged with boyfriend number 3, which is good fun as usual. But the day after that, the txt msg that I'd been hoping for arrives mid-afternoon.

B: Hi, r u free 8 pm tonight?

Oh dear, that's a bit late for me really.

GB: Hi B, 8pm is too late for me, I need to be home with bf at 8pm. Pls let me know if I could visit earlier. xx

None the less, I'm very glad to get the invite. Soon I get a reply

B: 7.30 if u can

GB: Yes 7.30 is good for a quickie :-) where exactly are you? xxx

I'm bound to be a bit late getting back to boyfriend number 1, but at least with a 7.30pm meeting I won't be too late. He sends me a txt msg telling me where to go.

The rest of the afternoon seems to drag. All I can think about are the activities that I've got planned for later! But eventually it's time to leave the bank and soon I'm standing outside his apartment block waiting for him to let me in.

"Come to second floor please", I hear him say through the intercom, and with that he buzzes me into the building.

When I get to the second floor I can see him waving to me from his front door. As soon as I get through the door he kisses me gently on the lips.

"Can you take off your shoes here please?"

Yes of course, I'm used to Asian households!

It’s a small apartment with just four rooms. A small bathroom, a small kitchen, and two other small rooms, all very tidy and clean.

Leaving my shoes and socks by the door, I follow him into one of the rooms and start getting undressed.

"Hmmmm nice, you quite fit I think", says B, running his hand down the front of my bare chest.

"Well I go running too", I say, "I'm doing 10k two or three times a week at the moment. I'm training for the Nike run in Hyde Park".

"Really? 10k?? You strong boy then!" he says smiling.

Soon we're both just standing there in our undershorts, and he looks great. He's clearly quite a strong guy himself, with firm looking stomach muscles and well proportioned chest and arms. Putting my arm out in front of me to hold him on his shoulder, I move forward to kiss him gently. His body feels as good as it looks and we have a wonderful time together.

"Perhaps I should visit you and let you give me a massage sometime", I say afterwards, "what do you charge?"

"You would be very welcome", he says, "prices on web site".

I can tell now that he's not a rent-boy at all, and that with him massage means massage, no extras! Which is ideal. I'll happily pay for a good massage, but I won't pay for sex, so keeping the two separate is perfect. And if I can also sometimes visit him for fun as well, that's even better!


close encounters said...

sounds like an interesting sex/non-sex arrangement! look forward to hearing whether it works out as you plan !

btw, i really enjoy your writing style - it almost seems to have elements of Mrs Moneypenny (BF1, BF2 etc.) and Tyler Brûlé (all those taxis) - both of whom i enjoy, so this is meant to be a compliment !

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I love reading your blog. I am sure that once in a while you think about STDs and the possibility of passing it on to BF1. How do you deal with it? This is a genuine question.

GB said...

Both those columnists are at close encounters, is that just a co-incidence?

Why don't you get yourself a blogger login to leave comments anonymous, whoever you are? Anyway, I take as many precauations as I can, and get an occasional health check-up. I don't know if you've got a partner of any sort but if you have, can you tell me that you've never passed them a cold?

GB x

Tales of the City said...

GB thats the funniest post ever. The comedy of errors... Still you got the end result you desired. A bit disappointed by your comments to Anon... cold is not the same as STDs.. everyone catches a cold and we all probably have the same chance of getting it. Not true for STDs.. given your activities, dont you think its wise to have regular Sexual MOTs... responsibilty towards boyf 1 and others you sleep with and of course yourself. Sound like a lecture but I think gay men are irresponsible with regards to this.. and we should be encouraging regular checks especially if one is sexually active. I would hate to catch anything!

Usman said...

Well as long as you play safe, get checked often and let boyfriend 1 know when something sketchy comes along you arnt doing anything wrong. If my boyfriend and I were in an open relationship I would expect him to get checked frequently as a single person who is sleeping around and him be careful when he knows he has something.

GB said...

Actually cuteCTguy, I have been for a check-up very recently and all was fine. I didn’t blog it because I reckon I covered it quite well last year! And, some STDs are comparable to colds – not HIV obviously, I take all precautions to avoid that one. Syphilis is apparently very easy to cure if spotted within the first year. Although crabs are unpleasant, they’re easy to get rid and they don't really effect one's day to day life, so if I had to choose between crabs and a nasty cold I'd take the crabs every time!

GB x

Anonymous said...

Hi GB. This is an apologetic post -in case I offended you in any way. You are my hero - so I never had any intention of offending you or upsetting you or somewhat suggesting that you dont take precautions. In my defense, I dont think there is much difference between Gaybanker and anonymous as far as anonymity is concerned. Unfortuneately, the question of STDs can and is a problem and perhaps deserves a proper logical and thorough analysis by your good self every once in a while. One cannot see it except for what it ultimately is - a serious issue.

Anonymous said...

very good point Anonymous; i agree completely, no fundamental difference between GB and Anonymous.

Another Anon.

GB said...

Are you just trying to get into my good books by calling me your hero,(first) anonymous? I respond well to flattery :-), but don't push your luck LOL! I think there's a huge difference between anonymous and me. You know a huge amount about me, because this gaybanker identity has almost 300 posts. You can e-mail me, and even talk to me on on MSN. But I can't even distinguish one anonymous from another! Did you write that last anonymous comment to support yourself. So get yourself(yourselves?) blogger a identity(identities?), you don't have to start a blog!


Legal-ize-IT said...

Agreed, time to end anony postings. This should being the fruits/vegetables out of the closet.

close encounters said...

GB - you didn't respond to the Moneypenny/Brûlé comment ?

btw, i don't work in the city, just like to read the FT !

GB said...

Well close encounters, I did say that I'd noticed that both the columnists you mentioned work for FT. But since I don't really know them, it was hard to say more.

Actually I did look at Mrs Moneypenny briefly. She seemed to be referring to her children as CC#1 and CC#2, for Cost Centres #1 and #2, which I found highly amusing.

GB xxx

Bob said...

Just like you do for your fuckbuddies, Mrs Moneypenny also gives memorable names to her many girlfriends (not the same meaning than here, I hasten to add!).

Before, I was using the Anonymous device, signing "Bob". Now I had to follow your advice and create a profile without a blog...