Sunday, July 03, 2005

Asia holiday 2005: massage in Laos

One nice aspect of going on holiday with someone new is that one ends up doing things which one probably wouldn’t otherwise have done. It turns out that boyfriend number 2 is keen on massage and spa treatments. I had one massage session in Italy a few years ago with a woman which I didn’t really enjoy, but with boyfriend number 2 keen to see what Laos has to offer in terms of massage I decide to give it a go.

“I prefer male masseurs”, he says. I’d never thought of that, and naturally that makes me much more interested!

“And sometimes extras are available?” he continues.

“Extras?”, I query, naïvely.

“Basically they end up giving you a wank, but you have to give them a big tip. It’s just a form of prostitution really”, he explains.

“Well, I’ve got you for extras”, I say, and he laughs.

I had three massages while we were in Laos, all administered by gorgeous young Lao guys. Although the hotels we were staying in offered massage, we went directly to places offering massage outside the hotels to get better deals. And with the last massage in Vientiene, I was offered extras.

Gradually working his way up my leg, applying pressure to the muscles, each time he gets to the top of my leg he goes a bit further and ends up pressing on my cock. The whole experience is very relaxing and I start to get an erection. He moves onto my other leg with the same technique, and slowly my erection grows. It’s not a full hard-on, but obvious none the less.

Now, touching my erection very gently, running his finger up and down its whole length he murmurs “Hmmm, good”. I have a strong impression that with just a bit of encouragement he’ll give my cock even more attention, but I decide against it. I don’t want to pay. None the less, the whole experience is very satisfying.


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