Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Asia holiday 2005: Hoi An, Vietnam

After visiting a few places in northern Vietnam, I’m now in Hoi An with boyfriend number 2. The hotel we’re staying in offers various spa therapies, including one named “Adam and Eve” for couples. But Vietnam seems reasonably gay friendly so boyfriend number 2 suggested that we ask for an “Adam and Adam” couple session and the hotel was happy to oblige.

We had supper last night with a couple of American women that we’d met at our hotel. This posed a potential problem:

“What do we say if they ask about us?” queried boyfriend number 2.

“Tell them the truth if you like”, I joke.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, too complicated”.

“OK, lets just say we’re boyfriends”, I suggest.

“Fine”. He’s smiling, so he’s doesn’t mind us being seen as a couple. That makes me feel very happy.

The amusing thing about that conversation is that often gay couples would be wondering whether to admit that they’re gay. That concern doesn't seem relevant any more.

After supper boyfriend number 2 admits something to me, “you know I’ve been feeling very guilty, because I know you’ve got a boyfriend back in London.”

“You shouldn’t feel guilty, this whole situation is my fault not yours.”

“OK, but I do feel guilty”. Pause. “Which is why I haven’t been that responsive to you in bed.”

I reach out and hold his hand and we smile at each other. From the start of this holiday we’ve been getting on well, and now after this discussion I feel that we’re going to get with each other even better, especially between the sheets!

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