Saturday, July 16, 2005

A conversation with boyfriend number 1

“You know you said you were trying to think of someone else for me to go on holiday with, after you told me that you couldn’t go”, I start, nervously.


“Well I found someone. But you don’t know them. I’ve been away with them on the entire holiday.”

Boyfriend number 1 looks me in the eye, in disbelief. Up until this point he had thought that I had been on holiday alone.

“What exactly are you saying?” he asks me. But I don’t reply.

“You mean that you’re seeing someone. You’ve been having an affair?” He looks angry now.

“Well yes I suppose so. But he doesn’t live in London, he lives in Singapore. I met him out there on my business trips. I only asked him to come with me when you told me that you couldn’t go.”

We have a difficult conversation for the next 4 hours. Surprisingly, he doesn’t want to know anything about boyfriend number 2. The whole thing is made easier because boyfriend number 2 doesn’t live in London. We discuss many issues, however he doesn’t ask whether I’ve met any other guys too, and I don’t volunteer the information. By the end of it, I’ve basically said I want an open relationship, but he’s not very happy about it.

It’s going to take a long time to work out all the issues. But at least we’re still talking to each other.

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