Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back in the sauna in the London gym

Today was my first day back in the sauna at the gym in London. I'm in the men's changing room heading for the showers but just ahead of me I see J enter the sauna so I follow him in. Shortly afterwards C comes in, followed by W shortly after him.

Although we're all naked and perhaps after a bit of fun we start talking to each other. It’s clear from the conversation that in my absence J and C have been getting to know each other quite well.

“How was your holiday, have you got them all sorted out now?” C asks eventually.

I guess this is a reference to the last time I saw C in the sauna when I told him that I had too many boyfriends (Some of us have such complicated lives), meaning boyfriend number 1 and boyfriend number 2.

“Not sure, but it was a great holiday”, I reply, “Has the gym been busy?” I don't want to talk about the boyfriend situation. I'm feeling really rotten about it. I still adore boyfriend number 1 but I’m not sure he’s going to forgive me for going on a three and a half week holiday with another man. He won’t let me cuddle him in bed anymore. I’m hoping he’s going to be more rational.

“In here it’s been busy”, laughs C answering my question, “on one occasion last week there were six of us all playing with ourselves!”

We chat about the gay scene in the gym, and a bit about the London gay sauna scene too. W doesn’t really join in the conversation – he hasn’t participated in sauna fun since he got a boyfriend about a year ago. After a few minutes W leaves and I beckon to J.

“Come and sit next to me over here”, I say smiling. I really like playing with J (A session with J in the gym sauna last Wednesday).

“I’d like to”, says J, “but I’m late for work”. None the less he comes and sits next to me so I start playing with him.

“I’m feeling a bit left out,” says C.

“Well don’t”, laughs J, “come over here.”

Soon C is standing directly in front of J and while I’m playing with J, J is simultaneously playing with me and C. But we don’t get very far. We spot a guy that doesn’t participate in sauna fun heading for the door so quickly we disengage. Ahh well, there’s always another time!

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