Thursday, October 12, 2006

A repeat performance in early September

Although August was a quiet month, September wasn't quite so quiet. It started off slowly enough, the first day of the month was a Friday and I was busy at work as usual. On the Saturday, I managed to avoid logging into any of the online cruising web sites. Maybe I'm making progress combating my addiction after all? On Sunday morning, however, I start thinking about boyfriend number 3. He can often be found on gaydar at weekends so I log in, just to see if he's there.

It turns out that boyfriend number 3 isn't there. But there are a few other guys who I recognise, including W who I last met in early January. So I decide to visit the chat rooms, but only for a brief chat with some of the guys I know. In fact I'll often chat to W if he's online, which he often seems to be, although he seems impossibly hard to pin down for another session.

Within a few minutes I'm chatting to W, but suddenly another guy contacts me

guy: hi mate, I think we met before
GB: uh-huh, could be

Actually I do recognise his profile name, but since it was quite a few months ago since we met, I don't want to give him the idea that he made such a strong impression on me that I instantly remember him! He's the guy I thought might be 'straight'.

guy: yeah def, a few months ago
GB: I remember u now m8, you live near that tube station, right?
guy: yeah thats me
guy: you busy this morning?

Now I can spot a leading question when I see one! I'm due to do my usual Sunday run with the guys from the gym I go to, but perhaps visiting this guy would be more fun? Oh dear, I was only logging on to chat, why am I so easily tempted?

GB: well I might have time to visit u if you're up for it again?
guy: great, would be good to see you mate

Although I remember who this guy is, it suddenly occurs to me that I should read the blog entry that I wrote after our first meeting. Bringing it up, I notice that the session we had was merely 'adequate' and that he was 'a bit of a lump' on the bed! Perhaps I should have been less eager to meet him again? But it's been quite a while since I had a session with someone from gaydar so I decide to meet him anyway.

Soon it's all agreed. I doubt that I'll have time to visit the guy and get back for the run, but I take my gym kit with me anyway. If I miss the run along the river with the other guys, I'll just do a treadmill run watching MTV or something.

It ends up taking me about 25 minutes to reach him. Due to some weekend line closures on the tube, I end up having to break my journey half way and take a taxi. Definitely no hope of making it for the run now!

The whole event ends up being very similar to last time, except that it's more enjoyable :-). When I arrive, he's happy to see me. His flat is just as untidy as before, and afterwards we even end up having a very similar conversation to last time.

Madonna nude hitch-hiking (with thanks to libertine di homo, see comment)
"Are you completely gay mate?"

"Errr yes", he replies, "I think so. Why do you ask?"

"Well that poster of a naked woman looks quite hetero-boy if you ask me!"

"I see what you mean", he says, "but then it is Madonna. Surely it's OK for a gay guy to have a naked picture of Madonna on his wall!"

Last time I'd thought it was Marilyn Munroe.

It turns out that he works in finance too, so we end up talking about that for quite a while. We got on much better than last time, although I still don't think we'll see each other that often. But we probably would do if we lived closer to each other!


Gay boy comes to London said...

I know what this post is missing - your trademark glass of water. xxxx :-)

libertine di homo said...

the naked girlie poster you are is a poster of madonna standing on the side of the road, cigarette in mouth, doing the "i'm hitch-hiking" sign with her thumb?

if so...that's a shot from one of her videos. erotica, i think.

Gay banker said...

That's the trouble GBL, I'm worried that some of my postings are just a bit too predictable LOL. But I did have a glass of water of course!

Anyway, I think libertine di homo has found the poster I saw, so I've edited the posting to include it. Many thanks for finding it :-)

GB xxx

Gay boy comes to London said...

I know you've said it before but I don't think you should be too worried, 1- it's your diary and 2 - if it was all that predictable you wouldn't have had 21 feed readers up to now. xxxx

Happybutterfly said...

I would have thought that it was Marilyn too, at first glance.