Friday, January 20, 2006

A bit of fun at the weekend

All of a sudden, I seem to have gone from meeting lots of different guys for fun, to a situation where it's all repeat performances. I've now met my local cock-sucker three times (most recently between Christmas and New Year), I've met F twice (most recently on Boxing Day), and in terms of guys in London there's also boyfriend number 3 of course.

Just under two weeks ago on Saturday, I'm logged into gaydar when I spot the Mediterranean guy that I met last November. The guy's name is W, so I start a conversation with him

GB: Hi W, Happy New Year, I think we met last November

He doesn't respond quickly. But eventually he starts chatting to me.

W: happy new year too
GB: did u go back home for christmas?

We chat for a few minutes, but of course there's one question in particular that's on my mind. Eventually I get round to asking it

GB: would be nice to see you again, are you free today?
W: perhaps. how big is your cock?

Well it's nice to know I made a strong impression on him when I met him last year! One of the nice things about repeat performances is that usually one doesn't have to go through all these intimate details, or work out who's going to do what to whom. So I answer his question about my anatomy, send my pic again just in case, and then it's

W: kewl pic
W: will you *do XXX* to me?
GB: could do, but would prefer to *do YYY*?

Eventually we get through the negotiations. He's going to take a shower, then tidy his flat, so I'll be able to visit him early afternoon :-)

Everything goes according to plan and I arrive pretty much on time. As he's letting me in he smiles at me, guiltily. Last time it was clear to me, once we'd finished, that gay sex was his secret pleasure and that neither his friends or family know what he gets up to.

Once I'm inside the flat we get straight down to business. Immediately he starts feeling my crotch through my trousers, so I put my hand to his chest and gently rub his left nipple through his t-shirt with the back of my right hand.

"Why don't you let me get my kit off?" I say quietly, perpetuating the idea that we're doing something we shouldn't be doing by keeping my voice down to make sure no one hears us.

He nods and slips out of the room. Within a few seconds he's back, carrying some kitchen roll. Good idea mate, nothing wrong with a bit of forward planning.

By now I'm just wearing my undershorts and it doesn't take him long to strip down to his undershorts too. I walk over to him and reach round to feel him through his undershorts. He doesn't resist, and turns his head to look at me. I nod towards the bed and he smiles another guilty smile as he follows me over to it. Once on the bed I drag down his undershorts. He's a Big Boy, I'm going to enjoy this. Just like last time, he gets very excited very quickly.

"Please leave that alone otherwise I'll cum", he says in a hushed voice, "and I don't want to cum just yet".

None the less, after about five minutes we're both reaching for the kitchen roll. It was good fun though.

As I'm putting my kit back on we chat a bit.

"So over Christmas did your family ask you if you've got a girlfriend?" I ask him.

"For the moment they've stopped asking", he says, "but I'm sure they're still expecting me to get married at some point".

"And will you?"

"Maybe I will eventually" he replies, "we'll see".

I'm not sure that would be a good idea mate. These days it seems stupid to me for guys who like guys to have to get married to keep up appearances with their family. If nothing else, its not fair on the wife. After a bit more conversation, we establish that he often walks past my office on his way to work. Suddenly he looks concerned.

"If we meet in the street, we don't know each other, all right?"

"Sure no problem".

"No one knows I'm gay you see".

"Well I do!" I joke.

"That's my point."

I'm not a size queen, but I guess I'll do anything to keep a Big Boy like this happy!


Anonymous said...

Size queen!!! :-)

A few weeks ago, I got picked up by someone with the hugest cock I've ever seen...definitely 11-12 inches long and I couldn't get my hand around it. I took one look at it and said that is not going anywhere up THERE. It turned out he didn't expect it as he likes getting fucked. Later he said that he does enjoy fucking sometimes but no one seems keen on it.

Um, well, no.

He's a very straitlaced solicitor, butter wouldn't melt. Lovely guy. Amazing how things down there can appear on the most surprising of people. :-)

Anonymous said...

These days it seems stupid to me for guys who like guys to have to get married to keep up appearances with their family. If nothing else, its not fair on the wife.

It sounds like this type of man is sacrificing for the family, but in reality, he is just a fucking selfish jerk. how many people will he hurt eventually? GOSH

Anonymous said...

glad you pointed out the wife bit *winks*.

Sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon though!

GB said...

Although I've been round the block once or twice Reluctant Nomad, I don't think I've ever seen anything bigger than 8 inches. Of course, since I'm not a Size Queen, that doesn't bother me LOL! 11-12 sounds amazing though.

Happily, I doubt very much that this Mediterranean guy will ever get himself a wife. I reckon it's just that he's in the relatively early stages of coming out, so he's likes to think he's keeping his options open.

Anonymous said...

sounds like it. But, it is always good to hear god advice. Especially whenyou are so uncertain yourself about things.

11-12 inches? holy shit.