Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Interview questions for Eric

In a comment to my post containing Sage's interview questions, Eric says "I'll put my hat in the ring as well - I'll be back with some questions for you". So I guess he'll interview me, and I'll interview him :-)

Interestingly, Eric and Sage live in the same city, Toronto. They've interviewed each other via blog, and often seem to leave comments on each other's blogs.

Eric's blog is kinda the opposite of my blog. My blog contains very little about my everyday life, it's mostly a diary of my casual encounter hobby and relationship problems. Eric's blog contains almost nothing about relationships and sexual encounters, but lots and lots of everything else. I did manage to find a few morsels about relationships and sex though. Regarding relationships he keeps us guessing with lines like Digging back even further I find that he stayed overnight with a guy called Shawn almost two years ago, which must have been a one night stand given that the guy is never mentioned again. And in his list of 200 things, we discover that he (96) Had sex at the office, and (106) Masturbated in a public place :-)

So Eric, here are my interview questions:

  1. You're got a nickname from one of the characters in the Golden Girls. Unless there's a huge amount you're not telling us in your blog I think it's clear you're not Blanche (!), but what makes Dorothy the most appropriate match to you?

  2. Since you live in the same city as Sage, I can't help wondering whether you've met face to face. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of a meeting in either of your blogs. So either (a) what happened when you met for the first time, or (b) why are you avoiding each other?

  3. You're simultaneously a Zen Buddhist, and a marketing guy. But how do you resolve the conflict here? Isn't Zen Buddhism about giving up material things, whereas marketing is the opposite because you're working to make us buy stuff?

  4. Perhaps as a prelude to your post waiting to be written about relationships you could let us know what your perfect boyfriend/husband would be like?

  5. Finally, if you had to live the life of a historical figure, who would it be and why?

Update: Eric has now published his answers.

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Eric said...

Hey GB! I finally finished my interview answers! yay!