Saturday, January 14, 2006

Interview questions for PJ

Just after New Year, PJ left a comment to the interview questions I wrote for Sage saying "there's nothing i'd like more than a thorough interrogation from a guy in a suit". So with my best suit on I've been delving into his archives trying to devise some cunning interview questions for him :-)

He's been interviewed before of course, most recently by Sage. Looking back further, he opened himself up for interview in a different way last April Fools Day, posting the answers a week later. But although he's posted pics of himself in his blog, they're not very revealing ones. I found this one, and also one titled PJ & the Bear from his holiday in Canada.

Generally, it seems to me that PJ gives very little away about himself in his blog! But since he invited me to interview him, hopefully this is an opportunity to find out a bit more about him. So PJ, here are my interview questions for you:
  1. You've put a lot of beautiful nature pictures on your blog, including some pictures of a few creepy crawlies too. No doubt this is somehow related to your job at an environmental NGO. How did you come to develop such a strong interest in nature and the environment?

  2. If there's anything on your blog about how you came out as gay I couldn't find it. So what's your coming out story? (It would be good if you could include some juicy bits in your answer!)

  3. Back in May, you were looking forward to Narnia and Harry Potter. Was it worth the wait?

  4. I couldn't find much in your blog about your families either. As a gay couple, do you get on well with your respective parents and siblings?

  5. Finally, what's your dream holiday?

Update: PJ has posted some good answers here :-)


PJ said...

Ask and though shalt receive...

Thanks for some intriguing questions; I hope the answers give away a bit more than maybe I'm used to.


Reluctant Nomad said...

I'm off to see PJ! :-)

Gay banker said...

Actually it did occur to me that the two of you might live within 'meeting-distance' of each other. I hope to read a report of the encounter in each of your blogs :-)

Warm rgds, GB xx