Monday, January 09, 2006

Early holiday planning

While looking through PJ's archives, I found his visited country map. So here's mine :-)

It's already come in useful. Yesterday evening I'm chatting to boyfriend number 2 on MSN:

GB: I haven't been out of UK since I went to be best man at a friends wedding in France last September
bf#2: wow
bf#2: wanna go south america?
GB: yes! I've been to Venezuela, and to Brazil on a business trip, but I've always fancied Argentina
bf#2: or chile

So I send him the above pic to show him where I've been in the world. Then I start thinking about the practicalities

GB: I'll have to negotiate of course with boyfriend number 1 of course, but it could well be possible
bf#2: well we could just be travel buddies
bf#2: who knows i may be attached by then too
GB: Indeed! But how on earth would I be able to get to sleep each night without a cuddle

Of course I'd find it very hard on holiday with him if we were just travel buddies. He realises, because soon afterwards he says

bf#2: i feel like im ur second wife in a traditional chinese household
GB: I've never heard of that, chinese guys will have more than one wife?
bf#2: yeah in the olden days. did u see the film Raise the Red Lantern

2nd wife? boyfriend number 2? Eerie that boyfriend number 2's nomenclature seems to be converging with mine! I haven't seen that film but it sounds as though it should be compulsory viewing for someone like me who's got multiple romantic attachments.


jjd said...

you can also read about this in amy tan's joy luck club when one of the sister's recounts growing up in a traditional concubine. I believe she is third or fourth wife.. and she ends up committing suicide. very sad. oh, its also in movie format should you not care to read the book.

xmichra said...

just wanted to say hi-ya! Got your link from reluctand Nomads site.. great interview questions! I have asked him to interview me.. hope I am as interesting!! hehe!

also, on a side note, I see you have digital ed in your links.. so do i. i actually went to school with im way back, and just receintly re-connected! Small world this web buisness.

Anonymous said...

What a prat.

You may be a banker in London who's been all over the world but having two boyfriends is wrong.