Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A busy day in between Christmas and New Year

A couple of days before New Year's eve, I'm on my way into work when I get a txt msg. It's from my friendly neighbourhood cock sucker.

Hi m8, U at work 2day? I am working on my own 2 day.

Now there's a thought! But I was also planning on meeting boyfriend number 3 after work, and if there's a chance of a session with him I'd probably prefer that. I don't feel greedy enough to go for both guys in one day! It's a bit early to call boyfriend number 3 so I decide not to reply to the txt msg just yet.

Around 9:30am I give boyfriend number 3 a phone call. He confirms that he'll be able to meet me face to face for a drink after work, but that a session won't be possible. No problem, now I know how to reply to the txt msg

GB: Perhaps I shud visit u then?

I don't have to wait long for his answer

Wel i am sat here alone with a hard on and very hungry! U working? Lets do now?

Luckily there's not much going on so it's not a problem slipping out of the bank. Half an hour later I'm on my way back into the bank with slightly tousled hair and a smile on my face.

Early in the afternoon I get another txt msg. Surely he can't still be hungry? The new txt msg turns out to be from a friend called P who works very close to my office:

P: You working today?
GB: Yes, u?
P: Yes. Lets meat!

P is a gay guy in his early 30's who came out about three or four years ago, and in fact I've already posted some of the conversation that I had with P that day when I was answering Sage's first interview question. While P talks about his gaydar exploits, I can't help thinking about what I'd been doing a few hours earlier just round the corner!

Sometimes I feel I ought to tell P that I'm not the guy he thinks I am. Occasionally he looks enviously at me and boyfriend number 1 as a model monogamous gay couple. At present boyfriend number 1 wants me to avoid sharing the truth with anyone who knows us, in particular P for some reason. So whenever P asks "Do you have a gaydar profile?" I tell him, "No of course not". I'm not sure he believes me though because he asks me every month or two. Along with all our other friends, P thinks that I was on holiday in Asia last summer on my own.

Finally that day, I meet boyfriend number 3 for a drink after work. As usual it's me who arrives first, but on this occasion it doesn't take long for Boyfriend number 3 to arrive. We head off to our usual pub.

I get the first round of drinks. We chat about various stuff, including Christmas, and a bit about boyfriend number 3's other boyfriends.

"Can you stay for another drink?" asks boyfriend number 3 after about half an hour.

"Yes I think so. I don't have to get home to boyfriend number 1 just yet."

My relationship with boyfriend number 1 is always a source of fascination to boyfriend number 3.

"Do you look forward to going home to him?"

"Yes most of the time", I reply honestly.

"Well if you're looking forward to going home to him, why are you here with me? Why don't you just go?"

"Just because I'm looking forward to something doesn't mean I have to do it immediately. I'm also enjoying chatting to you. Don't you ever look forward to something which you don't want to do immediately even if you could?"

"No not really" answers boyfriend number 3 perplexed. But I've got a perfect reply.

"Haven't you ever been having sex, looking forward to cumming, but not wanting to cum immediately?"

"Hmmm, I'm going to talk to you any more", he says laughing. He knows he can't deny that one!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to live vicariously through you my friend. Much of your experiences mirror the same difficult decisions I've grappled with in the past, as well as a few even now that I'm married.

GB said...

Thx for your support addy :-)
Kind regards, GB xx