Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An update from boyfriend number 2

Although I've been in regular contact with boyfriend number 2, I've hardly mentioned him since last September when he told me that he'd found himself a boyfriend called L.

Unfortunately things with L haven't worked out. About three weeks ago I log on to MSN and I notice that boyfriend number 2 is also logged in, but his personal message is set to "don't leave me a broken heart". I've known for a couple of months that thing weren't going that well with L, but this sounds ominous

GB: what's "don't leave me a broken heart" all about?
bf#2: hi GB
bf#2: L n i hv broken up
bf#2: i ve been in depression
GB: I'm sure it will pass, you don't have a depressive personality
bf#2: oh u dont know me that well
bf#2: i do have a dark side
bf#2: if im really down, all i do is curl up in bed, cry and not do anything
GB: well you kept it well hidden for the 3 and a half weeks we were on hols
bf#2: well there was no reason to be depressed then
bf#2: i was being treated like a princess. i was elated!
GB: that's terrible, I want to give u a big hug now!

Poor guy. Of course we live in different countries so there's not much I can do to support him. I end up giving him a phone call to try and cheer him up. It's nice to hear his voice but he doesn't sound happy.

But his depression seems to have passed now. I got an e-mail from him last week to say that he'd spent Christmas with some friends and that "it was a complete blast. It did wonders to my mood and self-esteem. In fact, I am safe to report that I am feeling much much better. I think I'm getting my mojo back ... in time for the New Year".

Good news. Whatever happens with boyfriend number 1, I must work out how to see boyfriend number 2 at some point during 2006.


Sage said...

Ah, life is complex! FYI: My answers are up now.

Dragonzlad said...

I read somewhere that its too forward to just ask why but I can't help it. But why GB?

Gay banker said...

You're asking why do I want to see boyfriend number 2 during 2006 DL? Because I enjoy his company and a face to face meeting is much better than chatting on MSN.