Tuesday, January 17, 2006

An invite to visit a gay sauna with P

Writing about P in a recent post reminded me of an e-mail exchange that I had with him last August. At that time P still had a boyfriend, and I'd only just got back from my Asian holiday with boyfriend number 2. Over the course of a few days, we exchanged a few e-mails along the following lines:

GB: I've been back from holiday three weeks now. What have you been up to?

P: Went to the sauna a couple of times with my boyfriend last month - would you like to join us next time?!

I should have said No of course. But as a result of the conversations that I'd been having with boyfriend number 1 around that time, I figured that a bit more infidelity couldn't make things any worse. So in a moment of weakness I replied

GB: sure if I'm free, what do you have in mind?

P: oh lots of unsolicited and random groping in dark rooms. you'd have to be prepared to deal with individuals who stretch the boundaries of minger's meter.

Isn't it sweet that P thinks that I don't know what goes on at gay saunas? Anyway, in an even weaker moment I e-mailed him back saying

GB: so does that mean I get to touch your willy?

The truth is I've always found P quite cute although I doubt he thinks the same about me. Unfortunately that reply gave me away! P replies

P: Is that what you're after?!

Thinking about this e-mail conversation as a game chess, it's suddenly clear to me that I've made some terrible moves. So I try to back out of the situaiton

GB: To be honest I think I should avoid - I shudder when I try to think where it might have been ...

But it's not good enough

P: So the answer is yes then GB, subject to a disease/health validation exercise! Hahahah. So when are you going to tell me the "complex" reason why you went away on holiday without boyfriend number 1?


In some of the conversations I had with boyfriend number 1 late last year I told him that P had invited me to a gay sauna with him. I probably should have kept that quiet. As a result, boyfriend number 1 thinks that P is keen on me, and thinks he shouldn't have asked someone else's boyfriend (i.e. me) to a gay sauna. Boyfriend number 1 and P haven't met face to face for ages, but when they do it could get messy!


Josh Jordan said...

Hey just wanted to pop by and say, you've got a great blog, it's really good, fun and entertaining. All the best, Josh.

Gay banker said...

Thx Josh, looks like you've got a gr8 blog too :-)
Is that photo really u?
Warm regards, GB x