Monday, January 23, 2006

Interview questions for aBoyInMess

Last week, aBoyInMess requested an interview after reading my Interview questions for Sage. So I've been reading his blog to help try and work out some sensible questions.

His blog is a bit shorter than the blogs of the other guys I've interviewed (Sage, Eric, Reluctant Nomad, PJ), so there's lots of scope to ask questions. Unlike some of my previous interviewees, he hasn't been interviewed before either.

As far as I can tell, he's had one big long term relationship which ended bitterly. Now that the relationship is over, definitely over in fact, he's avoiding all communication with his ex. Although he doesn't talk much about his sex life, sometimes we get glimpses, for example when he had difficulty finding a shop to sell him condoms. And another posting suggests that he's serviced quite a few married guys.

I'd like to ask him about the relationship with his ex, because it sounds like there's a huge amount of fascinating stuff under the surface which we never get to hear about. How did they meet, did they live together at all, how long did it last, and most interestingly of all, why did it end so bitterly? But given the strength of his feelings against his ex-boyfriend, I'm NOT going to ask those questions. I don't want my interviewee to walk out on me.

So aBoyInMess, here are my interview questions:
  1. When Anwar Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy in Malaysia 6 years ago, I was left with the impression that Malaysia must be a terrible place for gay guys to live. So what is it like to be a gay man in Malaysia these days?
  2. Your profile admits that you behave like a 15 year old. So what do you want to be when you grow up?
  3. How out are you as a gay man to all your friends, family, and work colleagues?
  4. Your blogger name implies that your life is a mess! So can you name just one thing that you're going to do in 2006 to sort your life out?
  5. It's sweet that your mom still does your washing. Perhaps you're still living with your parents. In any case, can you describe your ideal home?

Update: aBoyInMess has posted some good answers :-)


Reluctant Nomad said...

IF you ever tire of banking you know that you could make a living as an interviewer! Hail, the next Jeremy Paxman!

Gay banker said...

LOL, very kind of you to say so Reluctant nomad. Warm regards, GB xx

aBoyInMess said...

Thanks GB! I have posted my answers to your interview =)

This is fun!