Saturday, December 03, 2005

An enjoyable session with a mediterranean guy

Gyms are such horny places. Loads of beautiful bodies, sweating to make themselves even more beautiful. And as a gay man, the gym changing rooms are even hornier because one gets to see some of these beautiful bodies naked and moist in the showers :-). Why did the gym I go to close the sauna in the men's changing rooms? At least when it was open it was a good outlet for all the natural horny feelings that gay men get in this situation.

So without the gym sauna any more, last Sunday I return from the gym feeling horny and log on to gaydar to see what I can find there. Boyfriend number 1 is out shopping which is convenient because it means I won't have to make an excuse to leave the house if I find someone to visit. Sunday afternoon is often quite a busy time so with a bit of luck something will materialise.

Sure enough, I spot a guy who I almost visited a week or two ago in one of the chat rooms, so I start a conversation with him

GB: hi m8, busy?
guy: not at mom
GB: I think we spoke a week or two ago
guy: could be

How come guys on gaydar often seem to have such bad memories? I guess it’s part of the “whatever, am I bothered?” society we seem to live in these days. We chat for a while and it turns out we’re both horny. What a surprise, seeing that we’re both logged into the chat rooms! He sends me some pics, but they’re only erect cock pics.

GB: Any face pics m8?
guy: no sorry
GB: so what do you look like
guy: slim, mediterranean build

Sounds great, if he’s telling the truth.

GB: sounds good, do you have a mobile phone number I can call you on?
guy: don’t give out my mobile number, sry
GB: why not?
guy: don’t want to get myself into any difficult situations

I give him my mobile number, and tell him that I’ve never really had a problem giving it out. But he won’t budge, damm! No face pic, no way of contacting him, I’ll be compromising my guidelines too much if I visit him. Of course the problem when one’s feeling horny is that it’s not the brain which is controlling the situation. So I continue to chat to him and eventually I get his address and set off to visit him!

In defence of the actions taken by the trouser department, I had chatted to him before. Somehow if a guy tells you the same thing on two separate occasions, they’re more likely to be reliable, especially if they don’t remember chatting to you the first time.

I manage to find his apartment easily and ring the doorbell. Just as it gets to the point when I’m starting to worry because no one’s answering, a guy wearing glasses opens the front door. Instantly I’m glad I took the risk to visit him. He is a cute, slim Mediterranean guy, just as he said he was.

“Where do you want me”, I say to him smiling. He looks me up and down and smiles back. “Lets go to my bedroom”. He’s got a slight foreign accent, but his English seems pretty good. Before I can even sit down on the bed to take my shoes off, he kisses me. Nice.

“Why don’t I take my shoes and socks off”, I say helpfully. While I’m taking my shoes, socks, shirt, trousers off, he strips off too. Soon we’re both just wearing our undershorts. While he’s placing his glasses on the shelf, I walk up to him from behind and rub his bare chest from behind. He murmurs appreciatively and puts his hand on mine.

After a bit of kissing and cuddling standing up, we move over to the bed.

“Do you live here alone?” I ask.

“I’ve got a flatmate but he’ll be at work all afternoon, don’t worry.”

Initially he seems to be in a bit of a hurry, but I’m mistaken.

“Leave that alone for now”, he says after a few minutes, “I don’t want to cum just yet!”

After that I take my time. But about 5 minutes later my mobile phone suddenly rings. It must be boyfriend number 1 phoning from home, back from shopping and wondering where I am. Never mind, I’m enjoying myself too much at the moment to answer it.

“Don’t worry”, I say, “let’s ignore it”.

Of course the problem with mobile phones is that if you don’t answer them and the caller leaves a voicemail, then the voicemail keeps phoning you back! None the less we manage to ignore the original and subsequent calls and before too long we both end up reaching a highly satisfactory conclusion.

I don’t hang around too long afterwards. But I think we both enjoyed the encounter, so I’ll keep a lookout for him online.

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