Friday, December 23, 2005

Some welcome relief from Christmas shopping

A couple of weeks ago on Saturday, I'm in Oxford Street in central London shopping for a Christmas present for boyfriend number 1. After more than an hour battling the crowds, I decide to take a break in an internet cafe. So I buy myself a double expresso and log into gaydar to see if I can find anyone nearby for a bit of light relief.

After ten minutes poking around the who's online list and various chat rooms, I start a conversation with a guy who's not too far away

GB: hi there, how's you?
guy: fine, u?
GB: christmas shopping!
guy: lucky u, im at work
GB: on a Saturday?
guy: yyy unfort, but got to catch up and im horny as hell
GB: we're all horny here m8! Can u accom?

It's a simple question but he takes a long time answering.

guy: no sorry m8, can u?
GB: not really m8 I'm in an internet cafe!
guy: pity, really need to unload

But an empty office on a Saturday near Christmas sounds ideal to me.

GB: you sure you can't accom m8, surely there's no one else in the office with u, isn't there a meeting room or something we could use?
guy: would have been ok an hour ago but security guard here now :-(
GB: so what, just tell him you're gonna have a visitor

Another long pause.

guy: could work

Ah-ha, got him! Given that he's horny he'll find it hard to resist the idea now!! But how to make it happen? I have an idea

GB: I'm gonna run out of time soon here m8, u got a mobile phone number I can call u on?

It works. He gives me his mobile number so I give him a call to sort out the details. 5 minutes later I'm on my way. He's going to come outside to meet me, then we'll enter the building together and he'll take me past the security guard as an old friend of his. When I get to the building I call him to tell him I'm outside, and within a minute he comes out.

"Hi there", he says a bit sheepishly, "ready?"

He's got a friendly face. I have the impression that he hasn't met any guys like this in his office before. We go into the building and in spite of all the worrying about the security guard he's nowhere to be seen so we head downstairs. In case the guard can hear us, I try to make conversation as though I've known him for ages.

"So have you got all your Christmas shopping done yet?"

Before he can answer he's used a security pass to take me into one of the rooms in the basement. The heating must be off because it's quite cold. Not ideal given that we're going to be getting our kit off.

"Where do you want me then?" I say. But he's still thinking about where to go.

"I doubt he'll come down here", he says quietly, "but just in case, we'll go in there".

He nods towards a door on the other side of the room which is locked by a device with a keypad on it.

"Well I hope it's warmer in there than it is in here", I joke with him.

"Should be, it's our computer room."

He heads over to the door and punches in the passcode. As promised it's quite warm, thanks no doubt to all the computers humming away. He looks at me and smiles. I put my coat on a pile of cardboard boxes and smile back at him, putting my hand on his shoulder. But he doesn't need any encouragement, he grabs my crotch!

"Come on", he says friskily, "let's get away from the door and go down one of the aisles."

I can't help thinking the situation is a bit bizarre. This is an important company, and he's just taken me into probably the most secure room in the building when he only met me online 30 minutes ago.

Gradually we shed our clothes and start to enjoy each others company. He's a good kisser. We don't rush, but none the less a few minutes later I've got an important question for him.

"Errr, can we make a mess on the floor?"

"Not really", he says anxiously, "but don't worry, I've got some tissues."

Somehow we manage to work it out! Very enjoyable. Afterwards we make small talk as we put our clothes back on.

"Good stuff", he says, "I feel much better now".

"Have you ever had any guys from gaydar in here before?"

"No I haven't actually. And now I'm never going to think about this aisle in the same way again."

I wouldn't look too closely either mate. I think a close inspection will reveal that there weren't quite enough tissues!


Anonymous said...

Intriguing post...makes me think: If you love BF#1, and don't really want to get into a new long-term relationship with anyone else, would it suffice to just have a regular cocksucker on the side? Someone you see once or twice a month for a 5 minute quickie? Or, for variety, perhaps two cocksuckers that you alternate between? This way, as long as BF#1 is not threatened by CS#1 or CS#2, you can have your cake and eat it too?

Or is there something else that you seek, the thrill of the hunt, or the challenge and mystery of seeking out someone new? Or the validation of having different people be attracted to you? If you take the actual act of sex out of the equation, what is there that you seek, need, or desire out of your encounters? Granted, hooking up with someone is a lot more fun than tossing off, but an orgasm is still an orgasm. So what else is pushing your button? Inquiring minds want to know!

GB said...

LOL Z (whoever u are), you make me feel like I'm under a microscope. Anyway, I think the adventure of the furtive liaison is an important part of the fun for me, especially if it's a new guy. I don't think I feel any need to validate my existence by having different people attracted to me.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...'You're terrible Muriel!'

Happy New Year