Friday, December 16, 2005

Is a How I Told Them forum a good idea?

Yesterday I got the following e-mail:

Dear Friend,

We've read your blog and we are seeking submissions to our new blog, How I Told Them ( ). The mission of our blog is to be a forum where gay people and others can share their story—as a catharsis, or in the attempt to ease the process for those who are waiting to come out. We hope to provide insight and perspective to a group who desperately need it.

Many thanks. We hope you will consider submitting, and we encourage you to keep checking our blog as it evolves and grows.

Please also consider linking us on your blog.

The How I Told Them Team

but I'm not sure this is a good idea. I try to avoid angst as much as possible and it sounds as though this is going to be an angst central. I also don't like the idea of submitting by e-mail and having my e-mail edited before publication. A better idea might be for web site that just has links to the coming out stories of gay bloggers. At least then, interested readers would be able to get a good picture of what the end result of coming out had been for that person, by reading all their other blog entries.


jjd said...

aye. from what I can tell, just about everyone I know also got this email.. a new form of blog spam I reckon?

Reluctant Nomad said...

I didn't - should I feel left out?

Your idea of linking coming out stories is a good one though.

Gay banker said...

Well one person liked my idea about a web site linking to bloggers coming out stories - so much so that he mentioned it on his Idea Province web site :-)