Thursday, November 16, 2006

An e-mail from fellow blogger cuteCTguy

Yesterday afternoon I received the e-mail below from cuteCTguy, author of Life in London Town. I don't normally identify people who send me e-mails like this, however on this occasion cuteCTguy specifically asked to be identified. His e-mail was as follows:
Dear GB,

I have colleague who is a graduate. He is a full 10 years younger than my 30 something. He is quite good looking and we have only ever exchanged greetings. The other day I needed to borrow a book on Collateral Management from his desk so I emailed him to tell him I had his book. Then I asked him how his gym training was going as he waved at me in the gym the previous week. He says fine. I ask him if he would like to come to the Attack class that same evening and here is his reply:
I'm there tonight but I have physio at 6.30 - then I think ill go for a jog and then some weights. I'm going for a jacuzzi afterwards if u fancy it?

I'm not that keen on these classes - I'm old fashioned I think I need to change my ways I might try one of those classes in the week.
I think this a curious invite to the jacuzzi. Anyway later in the day at the gym I am with Ben and Susie having done the class, and we are standing outside the class. He walks past, says hello and heads to the changing rooms. Ben and I head there as well to shower. I am changing and he comes up and says "so are you going to come with me". I am a bit shocked but curious. He is very hunky, 6 foot, brown hair, hairy chest, blue eyes. And cute northern accent too. I am curious and perhaps I make a mistake - I join him (Ben is smirking). We are sitting in the jacuzzi and he says "so do you have a girl friend or are you married?" I say neither. He says "me too".

I say to him that I've got to go, I have to meet a mate. I leave him there and I am down in the changing rooms chatting to my mate and he comes down and looks at my mate. I wave. He nods and walks back up.

Is he interested? I am confused as I don't get hit on much by younger guys. All my age or older. So is he hitting on me?

Well mate, for what it's worth my guess is that he is gay, but probably just trying to make friends rather than anything more serious. From your e-mail, it was you who made the first moves, and especially the first big move by inviting him to do a Body Attack class with you. Don't take this the wrong way but it sounds like you're very keen on him, and since he's gay there's no doubt that he's picked up on that. As a new gay guy in the City, he's no doubt keen to make contacts with other gay guys, so that's what he's probably doing.

If he's got an adventurous spirit, as a lot of guys do at that age, he may even think that it would be interesting to find out what happens if he gets to know you intimately. Although some younger gay guys stick to guys of a similar age, you are an attractive and successful guy yourself, so don't think that just because a guy is 10 years younger than you that he won't be interested. None the less, although at his age he can be forgiven for venturing to take things too far, you should definitely know better! Although myself and the Man from Fridae both work at the same bank, we never ever encounter each other during our daily activities, and that clearly isn't true in your situation. So certain activities with him would be highly inadvisable!

From your point of view, getting to know him better could be interesting, but if it's fun you're after I reckon aim for his gay friends rather than the guy himself. And if it is fun that the guy wants after all, there's one Gay Banker I know that doesn't work at the same bank as him!

Do any other readers have any other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I agree with GB -- probably not a good idea if he works at your firm and you're getting serious with this "LTB" of yours.

That said, did the swimsuit in the jacuzzi contain lycra?

MadeInScotland said...

in my last job there were 4 gay guys in my team (including me). 2 were in the room next to me... In the department there were quite a few more.

In my new job there is 1 I know of in my department, and yet I have nothing to talk to him about...

I realise how much I miss gay colleagues around.


Pie said...

just a random US reader passing by.

The biggest thing that made me widen my eyes was the fact that you people say "hey mate!" like it's completely normal, not the fact that you are gay.

And then I realized, you are british.

Nikos said...

He is probably gay. I have no idea if he fancies you but if you work together stay friends. Nothing more.

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Φ-Ω-Σ said...

my advice...just go for's obvious,he likes you :)

Unknown said...

I think he definetely likes you. You could always use the book as an excuse to exchange further flirtation.
B x

seasonc said...

I sent a wicked text msg to my 'leaving soon' ex-boss and said "I can't help but to tell you this, U R DAMN HOT!" He replied "Thanks" and I replied "Thanks is not enough"
Hahhahha ... I knew it's BAD to an office affair, but since he's leaving, i really dun mind an ONS. :)
So GB, can I write to you next time when I face problem myself? LOL

GB said...

Always happy to help seasonc, although I can't help thinking that guys like you who send flirtatious text message to their boss probably don't need my help LOL!!

GB xxx