Monday, November 20, 2006

My modelling career begins :-)

It's the last Saturday in September, around 2:30pm. I'm meant to be working out whether to put in any bids for wine in the forthcoming auctions at Christies and Sothebys the following month, but as usual I've been distracted by gaydar.

Venturing into the chat rooms, I spot B online. B is my gorgeous Japanese masseur, and since our first meeting I've seen him a couple of times for fun, and I've also visited him as a client and paid for massage. But we always keep the fun and paid massage separate, because neither of us want to feel that there's a 'sex-for-money' situation between us.

GB: hi B
B: hello, how are you
GB: I'm good thanks, I might come and see you for one of your oil massages on Monday or Tuesday if that's convenient for you

We chat for a short while, but suddenly B's got a request

Who likes being filmed?B: would you like be model for me?
GB: errrr, how do you mean?
B: like the guys on our-web site, so we would film you having massage

I've let guys film me before of course, in more questionable circumstances than this, but whenever I get these requests there's one thing that worries me.

GB: well I don't mind as long as no one gets to see my face in the film. I don't want to be identified.
B: no problem, we keep your face off the web site
GB: fine, when would you like me to visit?
B: are you free this afternoon?

We agree that I'll arrive in about an hour.

When I get there, I meet B's colleague for the first time. For some reason I had expected that his colleague would also be Japanese, but it turns out that he's English.

"Hi, I'm N", he says smiling at me, "I'm going to be the cameraman this afternoon!"

N is probably a few years younger than me, but a few years older than B, and he's a very friendly guy. He explains to me that the main business they do together is technical, and related to the internet.

"Massage is a kind of our favourite hobby", he says.

"So you're a masseur too?" I ask.

"Yeah, but it's B who'll be doing all the massage today".

They offer me a small snack and a drink while they're getting ready. I can't help wonder what the exact status of their relationship is. B had originally told me that they were colleagues and not boyfriends, but perhaps they started out as boyfriends?

"Presumably you'll want me naked?" I ask, genuinely not sure what the answer will be.

"Yes, if possible, if that OK for you?" says B.

No problem. I'm not a shy guy when it comes to nudity. While they're finishing their preparations, I take all my kit off.

"Actually I'm surprised that you don't want younger guys than me to model for you", I say casually.

"Not at all", says N, looking me up and down carefully, "you're a fine specimen of a man!"

It turns out that the 'video equipment' is just going to be N's cheap mobile phone.

"Don't worry", says N, "I know that you don't want your face to appear. Even if I get your face in during the filming, we're going to edit it before putting it on the internet so don't worry".

"One thing", says B with a glint in his eye, "you can do some acting perhaps?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well", says N replying for him, "if you could put in a few moans at appropriate points it would probably help keep our potential customers interested!"

I laugh. "OK! I'll see what I can do".

By now B has stripped to the waist, and they're all ready. The filming ends up taking about 45 minutes in total. They get me in various positions, lying on my front, then on my back, and show me having some traditional massage as well as their oil massage.

"Well done", says B at the end, "you going to be a star!"

"How do you mean?"

"Some of our existing promotional videos get watched thousands of times a day", explains N. "I'm sure this video will be popular too."

And so it is. The last time I asked, they said that it gets around 6,000 viewings a day. They've also had a few enquiries asking who I was, which they politely decline to answer of course.

I enjoyed making the video, and I also enjoy B's company, but I can't decide how to categorise him. There are lots of possibilities. Masseur, fuckbuddy, boyfriend, lover, ... ? Whatever he is though, I'm sure that I'll see him again!


Anonymous said...

since they edited out ur face, so do we get to watch the video too? what's the website add GB?

Tales of the City said...

I do think a lot of people like being filmed.. did you enjoy the process? Joshua .. for a small price I can tell you about GB's body given that he is a guest at my gym (odd occassion).

Will said...

Yes, if you feel comfortable about having your readers see this massage session, it would be nice to have the link.

Sometimes you just have to give up on categorizing the men in your life. One term you didn't use--perhaps it's more used in the U.S. than in England?--is Friend with Benefits. To me, this term fits neatly into the gray area between fuckbuddy (with whom I think you have sex when it suits the two of you but there's no emotional bond) and boyfriend/lover, where there's a lot of emotional bond and commitment.

I think Friend with benefits is perhaps the most difficult of the bunch to pull off successfully. There IS commitment and probably affection to a friendship and introducing sex into that relationship can sometimes burst the borders. But it can be managed and is actually an extremely pleasant situation to be in.

GB said...

Guys, the problem with disclosing the link to the video is that I'm compromising the privacy of B and N. They didn't ask me to blog about them. And since I express some opinions about them, I don't want to go out of my way to tell them about it either (so as to get their permission), especially because I don't understand what the relationship is between them.

GB xxx