Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another visit to the cute Chinese guy

"Perhaps we could have a Christmas dinner together one evening?" he says to me while we're cuddling up, after the customary activities.

Of course, presents aren't the only thing I enjoy unwrappingI'd been out shopping for clothes, plus a few Christmas presents for boyfriend number 1, when I'd received a txt msg from the cute Chinese guy.

guy: Hi GB, how r u? Hope u r keeping well! Hope to c u again at my flat sometime. x

And since the day was becoming colder and rainier by the minute, visiting a nice warm cuddly guy seemed like the sensible thing to do!

"Actually I'm going to be away on holiday soon with my Singaporean boyfriend", I say, "and it also might be difficult because I almost always eat supper in the evening with my London boyfriend".

"I don't think you're being specific enough", he says, snuggling into me even more.

"How do you mean?"

"You shouldn't talk about your London boyfriend. You're Kensington boyfriend perhaps, or wherever it is you live. Then I can be your Southwark boyfriend :-)".

Oh dear! With my gorgeous Japanese masseur getting close to boyfriend status too, maybe things are getting a bit out of hand?