Saturday, March 31, 2007

A bit for fun before work in late February

Gradually, I start to get a bad feeling about the situation. I'm in a taxi on my way to visit a guy before work in late February, but he hasn't answered any of my recent txt msgs or voice calls. I'm on the verge of telling the taxi driver to turn back. I decide to try and call him one last time. It rings for 15 seconds and then

"Errrr hi," says the voice at the other end of the phone.

"Hi mate," I reply relieved, "did you get my txt msgs? I'll be with you soon :-). Where exactly shall we meet?"

"Errrr, I'm not sure."

What does he mean 'not sure'?

"Well I'm in a cab, very close to you I think," I say slightly confused, "where exactly shall I tell the cabby to drop me?"

"Well ... can we do this another time?"

"Another time? WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU MEAN??" I say down the phone in an angry tone, "I told you to send me a txt msg if you changed your mind!"

"Errrr, yes, I know, I mean, well, the thing is ... I've already cum now. And I'm going to be late for work :-(."

What a tosser!

"Well are you going to pay my cab fare?" I say trying to make him feel guilty.

"Ummm, sorry. Well, how about we meet at the weekend. Perhaps I could give you your cab fare then? Most guys who say they'll visit never turn up, I really didn't expect you to either."

A very lame excuse. We exchange a few more sentences before I hang up and instruct the taxi driver to turn back.

A few minutes later, however, my phone rings unexpectedly.

"Errrr, hi, it's me again," he says, "and I've phoned my work and told them that I'm going to be late. So can we meet now? I'm feeling horny again!"

I'm astounded. And pleased because I HATE wasted journeys and no-show situations. After agreeing the meeting point, I hang up and instruct the taxi driver to turn around again.

"Sorry about this," I say, "I don't usually change my mind so much."

"I'll drive you round in circles all day as long as you pay the fare," says the cabbie with a dis-interested tone in his voice. I can't help wondering how much he heard of my phone conversations. No doubt he's seen it all before!

After I get dropped off, I speak to the guy who tells me to take a bus a few stops. How irritating, I thought he was meeting me at the drop off point! Why didn't he tell me get the cab to drop me where the bus is going to take me? Luckily an appropriate bus is just arriving so I hop on. After three stops I get off and he's there to meet me.

"Hi," I say smiling, trying to forget the earlier hiatus, "which way?"

He's got a friendly face, although he looks slightly nervous.

"Just follow me. Sorry about earlier, but I'm well up for it now :-)"

"That's OK," I say. He looks slightly more chubby than in the photos I saw online, but overall I think he looks great.

"Here we are," he says shortly, "I'm on the second floor."

We enter a grubby looking council block, and soon he's letting us both into the flat.

Once we're inside, I follow him into a comfy sitting room.

"We'll do it in here," he says smiling. "By the way, my landlady might be in, sleeping next door. I'm not sure! She's almost certainly out, but just in case she's in, we'd better try not to make too much noise."

"Errr all right," I say feeling a bit confused. I've certainly never been in this situation before!

"What happens if she walks in then?" I ask, "I mean, presumably this is her sitting room? I'd probably find it amusing actually," I giggle, "I'm not shy, but you have to live here!"

"Good point," he says, as though he hadn't considered the possibility. While he's unbuttoning his shirt, he walks over and moves a small table to bar the door. He then goes over and switches on the television.

"That should cover up any noise!" he says smiling.

By now I'm standing there in my undershorts, looking lustfully at his half naked body, while wondering whether he normally entertains other guys like this in his landlady's sitting room with the TV turned on when she might be in.

"... and over to Declan now for our business news," drones the TV.

The cushions on the sofa are wonderfully soft, and make a very comfortable bed for us to lie down on and get to know each other a bit better.

"... with rain moving into South Wales during the course of the afternoon ..."

In spite of all the distractions though, we have a lovely time together.

"So do you meet many guys," I ask him afterwards.

"Oh a few I guess, when my girlfriend's not around."

"I didn't realise you had a girlfriend," I say. "Actually I met a guy for fun last month who had a girlfriend."

"I think a lot of the guys I get chatting to on gaydar also have girlfriends", he replies, "and I reckon there's more and more of them coming online these days".

"Uh huh, how come?"

"Well, there didn't used to be the opportunity. The online cruising web sites make it so easy to find a bit of fun :-)!"

Perhaps he's right, which is good news. The more hot guys online there are the better, I really don't care whether they're gay or 'straight'!


Stairs said...

You have the patience of a saint.

After all his messing about, I'd have broken his legs and pushed him off the balcony of his high rise.

close encounters said...

i thought that i had been given the run around on previous occasions ... but that really takes the biscuit - can't believe that you persevered with him !

and i think you're right about more guys with girlfriends going online ... not sure what it means for the long term future of the nation ...

Monty said...

You are a legend GB! I live in awe of your abilities!!! And success!!!

Unknown said...

Not sure how I'd feel about that one - I guess it's the implication that it's done without the other party's knowledge. I never liked it when I found out that someone I was shagging had a boyfriend/girlfriend and was going behind their back. I'd just hate to be in the position of the not-knowing partner.

Never sure what's better - knowing or not knowing that your partner is sleeping around.

Anonymous said...

Pity the girlfriend. Maybe you could have told him not to shag around behind her back like that?