Friday, March 09, 2007

A bit of fun with a bi-sexual Aussie

When I was first chatting online with the wonderful guy that I met in mid January, at the same time I was chatting a bit to a bisexual guy from Adelaide who'd wanted me to visit him while his girlfriend was out. However, when it became clear that I wasn't going to be able to do that, we exchanged mobile phone numbers with the intention of getting together after work one day.

So late Monday morning I send him a txt msg, and within the space of about ten minutes we have a brief txt msg conversation:

GB: Hi mate, we chatted online at the weekend, I'd like 2 visit u 6pm ish one eve, if ur still up for it? Is Tuesday eve 2mrw any good?

guy: Sounds good

GB: Great, I'll send u a txt msg 2mrw to confirm and get ur exact address etc.

guy: OK whats your profile name on gaydar?

I can't help myself laughing. This guy has agreed to meet me tomorrow evening, but if he needs me to remind him of my profile name he can't have known who I was! I send him another txt msg with the answer, and I get a swift reply saying that he's looking forward to meeting me.

And indeed, he is keen. The next day, soon after 9am, he sends me a txt msg asking if I'm still going to visit him. So I confirm, and as the morning progresses we exchange a few more txt msgs to sort out all the details. For some reason, in one txt msg he reminds me that he's got a girlfriend, but that doesn't bother me at all of course. Late afternoon around 4:30pm he starts sending me horny txt msgs, which is amusing, albeit a bit distracting. At first it's just

guy: can you be hard in your pants when we meet turns me on

but a couple of txt msgs later and he's being a lot more explicit about what he likes, and what he wants me to do to him!

With the thought of a bit of fun at the front of my mind, I manage to leave work shortly after 5pm, and head for the tube. Although in general I prefer taxis, in rush hour traffic the tube is probably faster, and people-watching on public transport is always fascinating. Is that innocent looking middle-aged man off to meet his mistress? Did that smart chap standing a few feet away just try and cruise me, or is that just wishful thinking on my part? And in very crowded trains, there's always the mystery as to who it was who just gently caressed your left buttock!

It doesn't take long to walk from the tube station, and as I enter the road where the guy lives, I can see someone standing outside one of the houses about half way along. Looking at the house numbers, I realise that whoever it is is standing approximately outside the house where the guy I'm visiting lives. Could it be the guy himself? As I approach, I hope not because with the scruffy woolly hat that he's wearing and the cigarette in his mouth he doesn't look at all attractive to me.

"You found me then :-)," says the guy as I get to within talking distance.

Bugger! It is him. Should I stay or should I go? He smiles at me, and he looks slightly more appealing. So I smile back.

"Is this your place here then?" I say in a neutral kind of way.

"Yeah mate, well it's a shared house," he replies. "Cold out here though," he continues, stubbing his cigarette out on the wall that separates the house from the pavement, "shall we go inside?"

I nod, and it turns out to be the right decision. Once we're inside and we reach his room, he takes his scruffy hat off, and soon everything seems much better.

"Wanna drink mate?" he asks.

"Yeah, just water would be great."

"Hey bud," I hear him say as I'm taking my coat and scarf off. I look round and hear "Catch ..."

He lobs a small bottle of mineral water in my direction and I have to react quickly to catch it. I find myself lusting after him all the more now.This macho guy-with-guy environment is a huge turn on for me! For some reason, gay guys just don't behave like that.

Soon we've both stripped down to our undershorts, and are looking each other up and down. Both of us react in the same way, with a growing bulge downstairs. He walks over to where I'm standing and rubs my torso up and down with his right hand, slightly roughly, although not too roughly.

"Yeah mate," he says "I can tell you work out!"

In fact it feels really good to be felt and admired like that by another guy. The next downward movement he makes with his hand goes down further than before, and now he gently caresses me through my undershorts. It's wonderful and again feels great, because although he's slightly rough on my torso, a guy knows to treat another guy with a bit of care downstairs. Soon we're on the bed and we have a great time together.

And afterwards we have a great conversation too. In fact, this guy was the inspiration for me to write the post about the film "There's Something About Mary".

At one stage we start talking about globalisation. I'd only done my posting about capitalism a few days before, so a lot of the issues were still in my mind.

"Firms in the UK are doing well at the moment," he says, "but it won't last! Globalisation hasn't bitten them yet because they've not been forced to compete."

"I really don't believe that," I reply. "The UK government has been one of the champions of globalisation, and I reckon it's why we've been doing so well over here recently. Globalisation has caused the decline of our manufacturing industries, but that's ultimately been good because it's forced the economy into the more lucrative service sector, including finance where I work."

We chat a bit more, and he seems to have one or two counterexamples, but I'm not convinced.

"So I guess your girlfriend knows you sometimes get guys round for a bit of fun?" I say in a 'matter of fact' kind of voice as I'm getting ready to leave.

"Errr no mate," he replies, very surprised that I'd asked the question, "Are women usually OK with that over here??"

"No of course not, just kidding!" I laugh. "It's just that I was trying to work out why you reminded me by txt msg this morning that you've got a girlfriend. I was worried in case your girlfriend was going to be here and wanted to watch us! I guess I've been in this game too long," I admit, "nothing surprises me any more."

Having a bit of fun with another guy while a woman is watching would definitely first for me. But I don't think I could go through with it. I'm pretty relaxed about most things, but even I'd get embarrassed in that situation!


closetalk said...

this was a VERY interesting post - sex with a bisexual guy is always interesting. sometimes, it turns out to be irritating, soemtimes vastly erotic - but yes, usually interesting.

close encounters said...

excellent story !

maybe a guy could have his gf watch u from a hidden position ??!

muse-ic said...

cool - sounds like fun

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

And you had some water :-)

Will said...

Really masculine guys, the type who radiate the scent of testosterone, always excite me. You really get around!

Monty said...

That was one HOT post! Now I've gotta get me a bi-guy!

Jason said...

Im a gay Aussie bloke that only meets with bi straight single married curious men even dads for sex & what suprises me is how good straight men suck cock.