Thursday, March 01, 2007

Me love you long time!

I may as well share with everyone the Russian e-mail that was sent round on fridae recently:
Hello friend!!!!!!!!

I saw your structure and have decided to write to you. My name is Igor. I write to you from Russia. I hope that I have made a correct choice and have written to you. We can find much in common. We can create friendship. To me 31 year. You can look my photo on a site. I dream of good relations. I hope that my dreams will be a success. If I have a little interested you write to me on mine Email. When you write to me, I shall send you a photo. I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

I got this e-mail sent to my GB fridae account, as well as another fridae account that I have. But when I looked at the account that sent the above e-mail, the fridae administrators had suspended it. No doubt everyone on fridae got the same e-mail somehow!

In fact, I feel a bit second rate. The Russian e-mail that GBD received was MUCH better, so I nicked the title of his post on this subject out of jealousy. Unless he's a Russian guy who's promising "large and strong love" and that "our dreams will come true also we probably we shall embody them in the validity", he's just not going to float my boat!


Will said...

Well, if you two ever do get together I have every cnfidence you'll give him those good relations of which he dreams! :-)

gayboydiary said...

Well, GB, what can I say? Good things come to those who wait! You'll have to be patient and hang in there and your Russian boyfriend will make himself known when you least expect it! :-P

GBD xxx

Monty said...

Hilarious! I got one of those sent to my Gaydar profile - found it highly amusing! Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy! Doh! But if ever I want a Russian "bride", good to know they're out there! ha ha!