Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hot guys

Since he started blogging last year, Close encounters has done a couple of posts about 'afterwards'. Back in December, he wondered whether its possible to tell if a guy has just ejaculated, and more recently he wondered why he still seems to be horny after a good session.

I like my eggs fertilised :-)Reading these postings recently reminded me about one thing that I've noticed over the years. Immediately after orgasm, in terms of temperature, some guys are really HOT. And I mean really boiling to touch, for example I'll swear that you could almost fry an egg on the stomach of my gorgeous Japanese masseur immediately after his climax. I reckon most guys get slightly warmer, after all, a bit of fun can be quite energetic, but some guys get much hotter than I'd expect from the pure exercise element of their activities.

Has anyone else noticed this, or can anyone explain it?


Darren said...

First time to come to your BLOG,I like it and support you.

Happy every day!

Greeno In Beijing

Anonymous said...

in some guys, i've found the complete opposite, rather than getting hot, they get really cold, almost like all the energy has been sucked out of them.

close encounters said...

i've never noticed either particularly hot or cold !

but it was good to be reminded of your japanese masseur ... i've missed hearing about him ... good to hear that he's still on the scene ...

Monty said...

YES!!! I shagged a guy a couple of weeks ago and he got VERY hot afterward!!! I wanted to snuggle but couldn't because he was so hot (and I was already a bit hot and sweaty after all the exertions). You could feel the heat emanating from him!

Will said...

Homeboi who lives north of you in Manchester told the story of his first gay sex. He was out with a group of his mates and cruised a guy who took him into a park. When he rejoined his friends, one of them put a hand on his cheek, felt the extra heat and congratulted him.

I haven't noticed myself venting any extra heat from my body after orgasm, except that if my feet are cold before sex, they're quite comfortable after.