Sunday, February 25, 2007

A wonderful guy who I met in mid January

It's Saturday afternoon, the weekend after I'd had a bit of fun with the older guy. In the morning I'd visited the local guy who's half Italian before my gym workout, but for various reasons it wasn't a good session and by mid-afternoon I find myself logging into gaydar and again to see if there's anyone else around.

I end up chatting to three guys. There's a Thai guy, a bisexual guy from Adelaide who seems quite keen for me to visit him while his girlfriend is out, and a rather nice looking Filipino guy who turns out to be called K. I end up focusing on K.

K: hi
GB: hi
K: how are you
GB: ok, u?
K: yes thanks
GB: so where r u in london?

When he tells me the name of the road where he lives it sounds familiar. I look it up on and indeed, it's not that far from where I live :-)

GB: OK, actually I know it
K: how scary
GB: u mean how convenient don't u LOL :-)
GB: can u accom mate?

He asks me why I can't accom and so I decide to tell him the truth about the open relationship I have with boyfriend number 1. There's something really nice about this guy, so I don't want to mislead him. Soon we've exchanged pics.

GB: nice pics mate, r u Chinese?
K: no..
K: im filipino
GB: nice :-)
GB: sorry to mistake u for chinese, hope u dont mind
K: have you met orientals
GB: yes, I've met many asian gay guys for fun

In case he's worried that I don't like Asian guys, I decide to tell him about boyfriend number 2.

GB: in fact I've got an asian boyfriend, and although I don't see him very often, we still call each other boyfriends!
K: ohh ok..
GB: he's a different bf to the bf that I live with here in London!
K: ohh dear...
K: you must be playing around a lot

Well, what can I say to that, perhaps telling him about boyfriend number 2 was a mistake? Perhaps it's just as well that I didn't mention boyfriend number 3 as well! I really don't want to mislead the guy, because from the way he's responding to me he seems very sweet. These days, I'm not playing around nearly as much as I used to, so I decide to rely on that.

GB: no, not very much
GB: do you like caucasian guys then?
K: well...
K: i dont have really preferences
GB: ok sure, neither do I, I like both asians and caucasians
K: as long as i can connect and i can talk
GB: exactly :-)
GB: so what's a nice guy like you doing on then?
K: im looking for a date...

What a lovely, cute, endearing thing to say! I really can't mislead this guy, so I decide to be honest and come clean with him about my motives.

GB: if you want a date there might be better places - is a bit cruisey I think
K: well....
GB: I'm here to find guys for *fun* :-)
K: thats part of it...
GB: and you sound like a very nice guy :-) :-)
K: haha thanks..
K: and you too..

Great, that's a good sign, maybe I do have some chances with him after all? We carry on chatting for a while, and I tell him a bit about boyfriend number 2. We're getting on very well, so after ten more minutes chatting I wonder whether he'd like to meet me even though it sounds like he's really after an unattached guy.

GB: so I'd like to visit you sometime, if it's OK with you :-) ?
K: im cool with that
K: yes....
GB: great
K: today?
GB: today sure

We exchange mobile phone numbers, and soon it's all agreed. He's going to take a quick shower, so he wants me to arrive in about half an hour, which works perfectly for me.

Although the chat with the Thai guy didn't go anywhere, throughout the conversation with K I'd been chatting a bit to the bisexual guy from Adelaide. We end up exchanging mobile phone numbers, because he seems interested in getting me to visit him after work one day.

I decide to walk to K's place, because it's only around 15 minutes walk. I arrive on time, and call up to the flat number he gave me when we were chatting online.

"Hi, it's GB :-)," I say into the intercom.

"I'm on ee sec*nd fl**r," comes a slightly muffled response through the door entry system.

When I reach the second floor, I spot a guy leaning out from his door, waving at me. It's K :-).

"Hi, nice to meet you," I say beaming a huge smile at him as I approach. Face to face he looks even cuter than he did in his online pics.

"Nice to meet you too GB," he says quietly smiling back at me, "come in :-)".

Inside there's a medium sized living area, which includes a double bed and a kitchen, with the bathroom in a separate room near the front door. Compact, but clean and tidy. I sit down on one of the chairs near his TV and start taking off my shoes.

"Have you lived here long?" I ask, trying to break the ice.

"Errr, no, only a few months actually," he says slightly nervously, "I, um, used to live near work, in a tiny place in town. It's better here."

Once I've taken my shoes and socks off, I stand up and pull my shirt over my head. He still looks a bit unsure, so I walk over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Are you OK?"

"Ummm, yes of course," he says smiling back, looking slightly more relaxed, but still slightly uncomfortable.

"Do you meet many guys like this?"

I can guess the answer.

"Actually you're the first one! Well, the first guy I've ever met up with after chatting online."

"Well in that case I'd better make sure the experience is a good one," I say quietly, and I lean forward and kiss him gently on the lips.

We walk over and sit on the side of his bed together, and I put my arm round him again.

"So do you normally just get straight down to, um, it!" he asks with a bit of a giggle in his voice.

"Depends! I really like to cuddle guys, especially afterwards, so when I meet guys like this I do sometimes just get straight down to it as you put it, so that there'll be plenty of time for the cuddles later!"

"That's fine with me," he says laughing slightly now, and I put up no resistance as he leans round onto my bare shoulders and pushes me down onto the bed. Soon he's taking my remaining clothes off, as I do the same to him, and we have a wonderful time together.

"Come here," I say afterwards, "I'm not going until I've given you a good cuddling!"

Now it's his turn not to put up any resistance. While we lie there naked in each other's arms, he asks me about my boyfriends, so I tell him a bit about about boyfriend number 1 and boyfriend number 2.

"Actually I've sort of got a boyfriend," he says to me eventually, "but it's like I'm his number 2."

"Really, you kept that quiet while I've been telling you about my boyfriends."

"He's been with his number 1 for over twenty years. He told me exactly what you said just now, that relationships can be more about companionship than sex after you've been together a long time."

"You feel really good mate," I say to him, changing the subject and hugging him tightly, "your semi-boyfriend is being a bit selfish if he's keeping you all to himself!"

He laughs, and suddenly I'm in for a surprise. He takes my hand, and pulls it down to his groin, which feels noticeably perky :-).

"And what am I meant to do with that?" I laugh, knowing full well what the answer will be!

The second session is equally enjoyable as the first, if not more so. But afterwards he suddenly notices the time on his bedside clock.

"I'm late!" he says, "I'm meant to be meeting a friend in town in five minutes!"

"Can you txt him and let him know you'll be a bit late?"

"Actually it's a 'her'," he says rushing round the room, "and she's never on time anyway. But I will send her a txt msg when I'm on my way!"

Once we've got all our clothes back on, and just before we walk out of his flat together, I give him a big hug.

"It's been really good meeting you," I say, holding myself away from him to look him in the eyes while still holding him round the waist.

"It's been good meeting you too GB," he says with a big smile on his face.

"And I'd definitely like to visit you again sometime, but if it's difficult because of that other guy you see, I understand."

"I'd like to meet you again too, but I'm not sure when it'll be possible. Let's stay in touch by txt msg :-)"

Since the original meeting, we've met once again for a bit of fun, and we've exchanged quite a few txt msgs. Of course, this was the new guy that I mentioned in my Valentine's Day post, the one that I described as "a wonderful guy who I met in mid January". And at the moment, there's a good chance of meeting up with him again around the end of this month :-). I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

He sounds quite nice. I like this one.

No more water/orange juice again? :P

Reluctant Nomad said...

That was quite a heart-warming story rather than a sexy story. I enjoyed it.

However, I noticed that at the beginning, you talk about logging on to gaydar whereas in your conversation, you refer to twice.

As this was in London, I assume you meant gaydar throughout? :-)

GB said...

Actually GBL, I did have some water, but I thought it was a long enough posting without mentioning that! And just a thought, shouldn't you get yourself some kind of blogger ID so that we can be sure each time that it's really you?

Well spotted Reluctant Nomad, I need a proof reader! So I've made a small edit in the first paragraph now, because in fact I was logged in to both and K was on

GB xxx