Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A bit of fun with an older guy

The weekend after I met the Geordie guy, I feel like finding a bit of fun with another guy. None of my boyfriends are around, so I log onto gaydar to see who I can find there. As soon as I log in, the usual information about which of my 'favourite' acquaintances are also logged in comes up, so I head to the chat rooms to see if any of them are up for a meet today.

One of the guys who's logged in is the local guy who's half Italian, so I try chatting to him. But there's no response. Most likely is that he's not there, and he simply forgot to log out. The tall Scottish guy who enjoys watersports is also there though, and he does respond when I start chatting to him:

GB: hi m8, Happy New Year, how's u?
guy: oh hi GB
guy: im hung over today actually

We chat a bit more, and although he admits to feeling a bit horny, we end up deciding that it would be best to hook up another time when he's feeling a bit better.

But soon I get chatting to a nice sounding guy who only lives a short cab ride away. Eventually it's agreed that I can visit him as long as I arrive within the next half hour or so, which works perfectly for me. I'll visit the gym afterwards, so I pack my gym bag and head off.

The address turns out to be a small but smart looking Georgian house, with a tiny little garden at the front. Closing the gate behind me, it's only two steps along the garden path to the front door. I use the brass door knocker and soon I can hear some activity behind the door.

"Hi come in," says the guy opening the door. Face to face he looks five or maybe ten years older than me, which is exactly how he looked in his online photos :-).

"Can I get you a drink of anything," he offers, "a tea or coffee perhaps?"

He's got a kind looking face, and a very relaxed tone in his voice which puts me at ease.

"Actually," I reply, "just a glass of water would be great :-)."

Looking around inside, the house is very elegant. There's a lot of bare wood, which must have all been stripped of paint a few years ago because there's no doubt that when a house like this was first built all the woodwork would have been varnished or painted.

"Shall we go upstairs?"

Soon we're standing in the bedroom, smiling at each other. Almost simultaneously we move towards each other and kiss each other gently on the lips. Gradually we get more involved with each other, and after a minute or two we're taking each other's clothes off. Some older guys are a bit chubby, which isn't particularly attractive to me, but this guy is quite lean and we have a lovely relaxing time together.

"Errr, where's the bathroom," I ask afterwards.

"Just down the hallway," he replies, "follow me :-)."

While I'm standing naked at the sink, he stands behind me gently massaging my shoulders and back, which feels very nice.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" I ask.

"Yes I do actually."

"I thought so!"

"How can you tell," he asks, perhaps slightly peeved that I'd been able to work him out so easily.

"Well, it's your relaxed nature. You're clearly good boyfriend material for some lucky guy!"

"What about you?" he asks me. "When we were online earlier you told me that you've also got a boyfriend, but where does he think you are at the moment?"

"I told him that I was going to the gym actually," I confess, "but we've got an open relationship so it's not cheating. In fact he told me that he really doesn't want to know what I get up to as long as he knows I'm being careful."

"Actually it's the same with us. We just agree not to make a big deal about it."

Neither of us are in any particular hurry, so we chat a bit more and he shows me round the house.

"It's a lovely house you've got here," I tell him.

"We've lived here for almost 20 years now," he says casually, "but if we weren't already living here we couldn't afford to move into this area now, not the way London property prices are these days!"

Soon we're having a very middle class discussion about state of the London property market.

"Those Regency houses on the other side of that small park there," he says pointing out of the window, "even when we moved in here they cost around £750k, but they must be about £2.5m now! Who on earth can afford that?"

"I expect City bonuses have got something to do with it," I laugh. "Of course, virtually no one gets that kind of money in a single year. But over five or ten years, good guys in good City jobs will get paid reasonable bonuses which will add up."

Eventually it seems like time to go. As I'm leaving, we kiss each other and agree to look out for each other online.

On the way to the gym, I can't help looking at all the Georgian houses and wondering what they're all worth. Although I live in a nice house with boyfriend number 1, London property certainly is expensive these days, so we're also lucky that we bought our house a few years ago. Even if one can afford a big mortgage, it's definitely not the most exciting thing to spend one's hard earned cash on!

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cuteCTguy said...

You did not mention Euro/Arab and Russian money that has flooded some parts of London. Very middle class GB.