Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are you a dairy queen?

I have to say, I think Alvin Tan is making it up! In his recent article "Ask Alvin about dairy queens" which was published on fridae.com last week, Alvin defines a 'dairy queen' as 'a gay man who loves to suck on nipples'. But I've never heard the term 'dairy queen' used to mean that. I'm inclined to think that he's being a little bit creative, and hence giving himself an excuse to write an entertaining article on the subject!

I do admit that it's nice to be quoted though. In the caption to the photo in Alvin's article, Alvin quotes me as saying "Gay guys, far more than straight guys, get aroused by nipple play" :-). The quote is accurate and comes a very old post of mine, which I followed up a couple of weeks later with a post titled The nipple question. I also confess that until I read Alvin's article, I had no idea that there is old evidence which confirms my view.

I've always thought that a dairy queen is simply a gay man who likes dating white guys. Although urbandictionary.com seems to agree with me, for gay Asian guys at least we've already got the term potato queen. So in fact, I think that Alvin's new definition of 'dairy queen' is a probably a good idea :-).

So are you a gay guy who really really likes sucking another guys nipples? If so, I reckon you're a Dairy Queen!


cuteCTguy said...

what if you like being sucked? Whats the term for that?

Monty said...

Doh! That's what I was going to ask CuteGuy!!! Great minds...

gayboydiary said...

When it comes to nipples, I am more of a suckee than a sucker!

GBD xxx