Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day chocolates

I've actually got lots and lots to say about Valentines Day 2007, but there's not nearly enough time to blog it all before bedtime. So I'll just leave you all with the one thought that's uppermost in my mind at the moment.

One of the things I did for Valentines Day this year was to buy boyfriend number 1 a box of EDEN chocolates, made by Thorntons. It was in a nice heart shaped box which looked good, and Thorntons is a name I can remember from my childhood, so when a quick decision was needed yesterday it seemed like a sensible choice.

I now reckon I made the right choice for the wrong reasons, because the right reason to have chosen the chocolates would have been for their names ...

Original Sin

A delectable collection of Divinely Sinful dark, milk and white chocolates ...

Beyond Temptation

In fact we haven't tried them yet because boyfriend number 1 also bought me some chocolates, so we ended up eating those instead. But whatever the EDEN choccies taste like, I just can't see them living up to their fabulous names!

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