Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's in a domain name?

A reader recently brought to my attention the fact that is listed on a domain name auction web site, having been auctioned last month for $200. With my curiosity aroused, I managed to get a bit more information from Google, because Google's web cache had an image which dated back to when the auction was in progress:

If you look closely at that image, the "Offer Description" visible in the above picture has the following to say:
Recently, sold for over $7,000.US! Gay names are more popular now than ever! could be a fantastic investment with HUGE website potential!!! The Gay community is awash in money, money kept in banks, gay people support gay run businesses and is a perfect fit for this niche market. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED.
I'm not sure I buy that argument though. A gay friendly online realtor sounds a lot more feasible to me than gay friendly online banking.

So who owns now? A query at referred me to where full ownership details are available. The answer is that is currently owned by a realtor in Denver Colorado called Sold Denver. So my guess is that they're just speculating in 'online real estate' by buying, perhaps having been convinced by the argument.

But is there a conflict? If did become the website for a successful company, could there be a problem somehow in connection with this blog and with my "Gay Banker" identity? Luckily, I've been blogging as "Gay Banker" since February 2005, and the whois information on confirms that that domain name wasn't created until July 2006. On top of that, googling gay banker at the moment seems to bring up my blogger user profile at top of the list, so if anything I reckon it's me who is the established online "Gay Banker".

In which case, are Sold Denver cybersquatting on my domain name? I'm not sure what the legal situation is, but for now at any rate, I don't care. If is good enough for and Belle de Jour, I'm sure it's good enough for me too!


muse-ic said...

i wouldn't worry about it at all

close encounters said...

it looks like it was bought by

GB said...

Interesting close encounters :-). Since I wrote this post, I've realised that is devalued for it's owner by the existance of an established blogger of the same name. After all, at the moment anyway I'm top of the google searches for that name!

GB xxx