Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Indian caste system

"I guess you're a Hindu, right?" I asked boyfriend number 3 recently, as we're cuddling together after activities.

"Errr, yeah," he replies sleepily.

"So do you belong to a caste?"

I've known a bit about the caste system ever since my first trip to India in the 1990's. But I've never discussed it with any of the British Indian guys that I know.

"Yes of course," he replies, and he tells me the name of his caste. But although I can remember that the name of the priest caste is Brahmin, I can't remember the names of any of the others so I have to ask.

"The castes are things like priests, warriors and merchants aren't they? Is your caste one of those?"

"Uh huh," he replies waking up gradually, "but priest, soldier and so on is the coarsest categorisation, they've all got sub-categories. Why do you want to know?"

"Oh I don't know," I reply lazily. The truth, of course, is that I'm naturally quite a nosey person, but that doesn't seem like a suitable response!

"It's just that I've never asked any my Indian friends or colleagues about it," I continue. "Is it a highly personal question to ask an Indian guy? I don't know why, but I've always felt that asking a guy what his caste is might be like asking him his cock size! But I can discuss this all with you, can't I?"

"Of course, after all, I think you know my cock size!" he says grinning.

"Actually, I guess it might be seen as intrusive coming from you," he continues after a short pause. "Back in India of course, people still usually marry within their caste. But a question about caste coming from someone like YOU!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, the British class system has some similarities with the caste system. So coming from a guy who's ethnically English, it sounds a bit like you want to categorise people into their class which is obviously a bit offensive!"

"I see what you mean!"

"Anyway, I love it when you cuddle me like this," he says sounding sleepy again, "it makes me feel special."

"Doesn't your main fella ever cuddle you like this then?"

"No not really."

"Well, I think you're special anyway!"

"Awwww thanks GB. I know you say that to all the boys but it's still nice :-)!"


close encounters said...

lovely story ...

but did BF3 ever reveal his heritage ??

GB said...

Yes close encounters, as I said in the posting, he told me the name of his caste. He also told me the caste profession.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

hi GB,
i have been following your escapades for quite sometime now and i am just curious since originally your blog was about your hookups with other guys, are you top or bottom? i dont know if its appropriate of me to ask that but you dont have to answer if you dont like to
cheers xxx

Monty said...

Interesting GB, I have been wanting to ask the same question as Anon...what does that say about me? Perhaps I'm nosey too! lol

How do you keep up with all the b/f's and the hookups??? And work/exercise/eating/normal life etc!!! You're amazing!

Monty xxx

GB said...

Really guys, you lot are a nosey bunch eh! Since the start of last November I'm trying to make this blog more balanced, and certainly not a forum for discussing the pros and cons of different sexual positions. So you'll just have to make do with my answer to question 3 of Reluctant Nomad's interview last year.

Regarding your other question Monty, I addressed that in a paragraph in the middle of one of my postings last December. Do try and keep up at the back, LOL!

GB xxx

Jiggy said...

You seem to be fascinated with India...Indian boyfriend, visits to India, etc etc...
Glad to hear that...:)
Not many people like the country...I, of course, love it, cos I feel my country has given me a lot..and I will repay when time comes..:)
BTW, I just wanted to ask you whether you were working on the markets side or the M&A (IBD) side...
am asking this cos I will be joining an investment bank in London frm Sept on the markets side....:)
and again, as anon said, you dont have to answer the question if you dont want to....

Jiggy said...

and yeah, I am gay myself...

GB said...

I've had a variety of roles in my career so far, A rebel all the way..., but I guard my privacy visciously so I'm not going to add to the information that I've already given away in previous postings!

Anyway, good luck on your role in London,

GB xxx

Jiggy said...

Oh, not a problem at all! I understand!
Anyways, you write n keep writing!

Unknown said...

I seem to have loads of asian friends and have talked about the caste system a lot. Anyways they also know that I occassionally go for an asian man....

they happily term the type 'the gaysian' which I feel is very appropriate! B x

Monty said...

ha ha! thanks GB and no offense intended...will try and keep up in the future! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please forward it to the truth mongers.