Friday, December 22, 2006

A visit to a nice guy after work

During October, I exchange a few online msgs with a guy on gaydar. After a couple of messages have passed back and forth between us, he seems like a sensible chap so I decide to risk giving him my mobile phone number so that he can send me txt msgs. But in the days that follow, I don't get any txt msgs, or even a response on gaydar! Ahhh well, I've been on gaydar long enough to know that this kind of thing can happen :-(.

A couple of weeks later though, I get an unexpected txt msg from a guy called C:

C: Hi there. Just got your message. How are you doing? C x

But I don't know anyone called C, at least, not that I've recently sent any kind of message to anyway! It could be a mistake of course, maybe the txt msg was meant for someone else. But then there are quite a few guys in my life so maybe it's someone I do know but just don't recognise. After a couple of hours I decide to reply.

GB: Hi C, u sent me a txt msg a few hours ago but I don't recognise u, assuming that u didn't send the txt msg by mistake can u let me know who u r? xxx

It's a bit of a dorky txt msg, but it's either that or ignore it! I get the reply quite quickly

C: Hi there. Sorry. I am xxxxxxxx on gaydar. C x

Of course! It's the guy from gaydar who I gave my mobile phone number to a couple of weeks ago. We exchange a few more txt msgs over the following days, but it seems that although he lives in central London, he works outside London so early evening meetings might be difficult. On the first Friday in November I decide to make a suggestion

GB: So would u like me 2 visit u at ur place over the weekend? How about Saturday morning or lunchtime?

And then, just like when I first gave him my mobile phone number on gaydar, I get no response! Until the following Thursday.

C: Hi there. Sorry about not getting back to you before. Was v drunk over weekend and out a lot. I don't know what sort of times are best for you?! Got horny pants on?! C x

Since I started this blog, I've had more than a few e-mails and comments asking how I manage to juggle an investment banking job with boyfriends, other encounters, gym and running, blogging, let alone my wine and gambling hobbies. The answer of course is that I'm naturally a very organised person, and these days, PDA devices give naturally organised people the means to accomplish super-human feats of organisation! So if I get an e-mail to any of my e-mail accounts, or a txt msg, I'll often be able to reply immediately or at least the same day. When I was younger I found it hard to understand guys that didn't behave in the same way as me, but over the years I've learned that perhaps it's my behaviour that's unusual. All the same, deep down, I still think that unorganised behaviour is inconsiderate!

GB: Thx 4 txt msg m8, at the time I did think u were a bit rude, but no probs now, it's all cool. Still happy to visit u if ur still up for it :-)

And he is still up for it. After a few more txt msgs, we've agree to meet that evening after work at around 6:45pm :-).

He doesn't tell me his exact address though. Instead he wants to meet me on a street corner near his house. When I'm five minutes away, I send him a txt msg to tell him that I'll soon be there. And sure enough, when I arrive there's a guy standing on the corner who's a good match to the picture I saw on C's gaydar profile.

"Hi, is it far then," I say smiling at him.

"Errr no," says C, staring me in the eye quite intensely. He looks slightly rougher than the pic on gaydar, but then you can't blame a guy for using his best pic on his profile! We chat on the way to his house.

"Thanks for coming over at short notice," he says slightly nervously.

"Oh no problem," I reply merrily, "I guess I do have my 'horny pants on' as you put it!"

"One thing," he says anxiously, "I think there's one of my housemates home at the moment. I'll just introduce you as an old friend if we run into her."

Doorway to paradise?Within a couple of minutes we're entering a large impressive old Georgian townhouse.

"Do you fancy a glass of wine or something?" he offers.

"Errrr," I hesitate, not sure if an alcoholic drink is a good idea. I usually only drink water of course in these situations, but then I don't usually get offered wine. "Yeah sure, why not?"

We head down into the basement where the kitchen is, running into his flatmate on the way. C and her exchange a couple of words but she's in a hurry so she takes no notice of me.

"Red or white," offers C once we're in the kitchen.

"I usually prefer red actually, what have you got?" I ask hopefully. But I don't get a choice between perhaps merlot, pinot-noir, or any other variety. There's already an open bottle of red wine by the sink!

"This wasn't that bad last night," he says, as he pours out a couple of glasses. "Now, shall we go upstairs to my room?"

It turns out that C lives on the top floor, four floors up from the basement kitchen. "All these stairs must keep you quite fit," I joke with him as we climb the sixty or so stairs up to his room.

Once inside his room, I notice that he doesn't completely close the door. He pushes to close it, but in fact leaves it slightly ajar. It seems slightly strange, given that we're going to be getting to know each quite intimately! Of course, given the age of the house, it could be that the house has shifted in such a way that the door can no longer be closed. Or perhaps he doesn't yet feel comfortable to be with me alone in a closed room?

"Sorry it's a bit of a mess," he apologises. In fact there doesn't seem to be any room to put anything down anywhere, so I drop my bag on the floor, and edge my glass of wine onto his crowded desk.

He looks at me, as though wondering ‘what next', so I start to undress. Initially he just stands there watching me, but eventually he starts getting his kit off too. Soon I'm down to my undershorts, so I approach him and give him a peck on his lips before jumping onto his bed. It doesn't take him long before he's almost naked too.

"Hmmm you look good mate," I say, "get yourself over here!"

He joins me on the bed and I put my arm round him, give him another peck on his lips, and rub my nose against his.

"And you smell good too!" I continue. Gradually we get more involved with each other, and we have a lovely time together.

"So do you meet many guys like this?" I ask him afterwards.

"No actually, you're the first!" he says, visibly more relaxed than before, now that he's unloaded. I look shocked, and thinking about what he's just said he suddenly realises that he didn't mean to suggest that I'm the first guy that he's ever been with in an intimate situation.

"The first guy that I've met from online I mean," he says, clarifying the situation.

"Well do you like cuddling?" I ask, "I always love cuddling nice guys like you!"

"Sure," he says looking slightly surprised.

We lie down naked together and I wrap my arms round him.

"What exactly do you do for a living then?" I ask after we've been there quietly for a few minutes.

"I'm a PE teacher at a sixth form college actually", he says.

"Oh really?" I say, but there's one question that I have to ask him, "Do you ever fancy any of your students then?"

"No thank goodness, because they're usually so immature! There was a student who had a crush on me a couple of years ago though. I knew about it because he told the only out gay guy in his year, who then told me. This student actually put his arm round me at the end of year party, so I thought I should back off. Perhaps he was just confused because I then found out that he'd got himself a girlfriend, although the last I heard was that they'd split up!"

"Thinking about schools and crushes, I saw the film The History Boys recently", I say, "did you see it?"

"No, but I saw the original play which was quite good!"

I wouldn't say no!"Do you remember the story and the characters?" I ask.

"Errr yes I think so, the best looking one was called Dakin wasn't he?"

"Yes that's right, and Dakin asked the cute student teacher to give him a blow job! What would you do if you were that student teacher, and Dakin asked you to do that?"

"I don't think it would happen", he says evasively, "although one of the female teachers at the school I used to work in was caught giving a male student a blow job in her husband's car. In fact it was her husband who caught her, and he managed to get it all on video using his mobile phone!"

I can't help but laugh.

"So what are the guys like that you share this house with then", I ask a bit later.

"Oh, a bit of a mixture really," he says, "some guys, some gals, and all with ambiguous sexualities!"

"How so?" I ask.

"Well take the girl in the room below me for example. To my knowledge she's only ever slept with women, so I had no idea what she meant when she told us all recently that she can no longer identify as 100% straight!"

"And the guy in the room next to her," he continues, "used to have a girlfriend, but now has a boyfriend, although I saw a girl coming out of his room before I went to work one day last week."

Eventually it seems like time to go.

"See you again sometime I hope," I say as I'm leaving.

"Errr, yeah, OK," he replies in a 'whatever' kind of way.

Although I haven't seen this guy since, we have exchanged a couple of messages on gaydar, and I do intend to contact him again early in 2007 to see if we can hook-up again. He's a nice guy, he's was fun to play with, and he's got some interesting stories to tell too!


close encounters said...

great post - i love your house descriptions !

the dreaded street meet - it normally seems to be guys who are nervous about meeting guys from websites ...

i saw the film of the History Boys - thought it was really dodgy - it seemed to be saying that it was ok for the old schoolteacher to fondle his students (on the motorbike) ...

btw, what PDA are you using these days - i've got a SonyEricsson P990, and can't view my existing email accounts on it - they need to be IMAP compatible or something ...

GB said...

I know that you're a big fan of my encounter posts close encounters :-)

FYI my phone runs windows mobile, so I have full internet access, although it doesn't seem to support gaydar's java chat!

GB xxx

FB said...

well, some guys are not well organised... but it's worth being patient! one of my favourite fuckbuddies now (although it's still difficult to arrange a date) is a guy I exchanged messages on Gaydar from time to time, without going anywhere, for more than a year before finally we met.